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Gwent: Main Promo Art

By algenpfleger

Here's something I'm really happy to share: CD Projekt Red have been developing a standalone game for The Witcher's famed Gwent, and they asked me to paint the main promo piece. It was an absolute blast to work on, from start to finish, and I'm also pretty happy with the outcome. The brief and composition they gave me called for a blend of cosplay, realism while still maintaining the spirit of the characters and that's just something that you don't get to do everyday! I'll post up sketches and some closeups as well later, the whole piece is about 20k pixels wide so there's tons of tiny little things in it.

Either way, hope you like it! Cheers!
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The eyes have it
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I love this 
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Aww, this is really cute and well done.
A question about "the brief and composition they gave me" - in what form did they give you a composition? Written form, like "Yennefer in the middle, bar in the background ..." or did you get a rough sketch?
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Wow,night city?
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amazing work, very inspiring
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Your work always has the most realistic lighting and detail.
Amazing as always!
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 magic the gathering and the other card/dungeons and dragons companies always hire the most akilled artists who can bring glorious fantasy scenes to life. Sometimes they feel from another world.

Do you enjoy your time as a full time illustrator? Do you have a social life or family? Do you have grueling days and sleepless nights? Im sure you love the fruit of your labors and always wanted to be an artist and I assume would never look back. Though the hours I hear freelancing are erratic and work isnt always garanteed.

Seeing my cartoonist work,and wanting to one day work in this type of field, what what you have to say or advice to give? I've been increasingly discouraged while my peers are graduating with degrees and ive been unable to create finished artworK without being frustrated.  been working day jobs I hate, such as food service and retail which I find no joy in.
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I'm waiting for the sketches! :happybounce:  *-*
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Hhah, awesome! Such a nice detail and colorwork
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Wow! Really awesome, I think you blended character and cosplay really well together. The longer you look at it the more you can explore.
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your evolution is Amazing!in love with your artwork!Heart 
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absolutely superb! 
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Super dope dude! always great inspiration to work harder!
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Holy crap, this is amazing! :0 So many characters and details
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Man, the lighting here is killer...
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Great work!
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