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she is so beautiful, and this white hair look so soft and shiny, amazing *_* Thanks for this work, i like this girl Heart 
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I love the artpiece, but the black eyebrows in contrast to the white hair make look the latter fake.
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I really love her eyes.
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You get recognition in the "Daily feature!" on my page.:icongivegetcent-danceplz:
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wow, i absolutely love this, really love the tones and the corpse like feel she is presenting for me, very cold and distant, really love it great work.
Bearblair's avatar
This hair is making me wanna scream!!!!!!!!!
I like her hair very much!!!
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Just in love with the colour palette here!
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I absolutely love this style of painting hair.
I've seen people who do their hair similar to this, and NOBODY has a detailed tutorial on how to do it!
I've tried studying, observing and practicing, and for some reason no matter how hard I try, mine looks like an absolute mess!

I know you're one of the artists that makes processes and tutorials and I was just wondering if I could persuade you to make a tutorial based on hair like this?
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very good work and beautiful portrait
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fantastic work
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Sweet, lovely work ♥
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Ooh, I too am a sucker for white haired characters. Love it!
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This girl is perfect for a character in a story I am writting; is the print for sale? I always give full copyright to the original artist, so you will still own the pricture. I must warn you, however, my story is set in a fantasy world; and this character is a changeling. Let me know what you think; please.
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Sorry, my personal work is not for sale.
Captainelciesmith's avatar
No harm. It never hurts to ask. She is quite beautiful.
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