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GP Shanghai 2015 Limited Playmat


This is the painting I did for the Magic: The Gathering 2015 Shanghai Grand Prix. Limited print run too! 

If you do in fact play Magic, head over to my Patreon  Because I have stuff for you :3
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amazing work!

you absolute legend!

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Im jealous of your artwork 😢
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Amazing.  The lighting on this piece provokes intense emotion for me.  Thank you for sharing your talent
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This sword is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in art in my entire life.
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Wow this is amazing..... Absolutely amazing.
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Great work in your gallery. Some very different art pieces. Thank you.
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EPIC EPIC EPIC ....................................
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God I wish this would come in 1920x1080 or higher so I can slap this on my desktop.
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SAME Waaaah! Crying I just found it I am blown away
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When your sword thirsts for blood and demands a sacrifice in exchange for good behavior, sometimes it's best to comply.
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i love this angel so much!!!!
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damn... this is perfect :)
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Smashing lighting, and I agree with the comments about the face - perfect expression.
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Absolutely beautiful work, well done :clap::la::clap:
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This is lovely *__* I especially love her face, I think you nailed that beauty and expression.
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Without reading the text I would've thought this to be art for the upcoming FTV: Angels. Anyways, impressive piece! Is it depicting a specific angel?
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