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For Gossymer

This is the charity collaboration commission for the lovely :icongossymer:, who won our auction by bidding to donate $629.99 to Unicef! Awesome! Thanks again :]

She asked us to show her favorite character, Toph from Avatar, around the age of twenty. Toph is blind and uses her feet to see by sensing vibrations in the earth, so we chose a serene environment, maybe strolling away from people for a second, to where she feels safe enough to put her feet in the water, effectively blinding her. It was a real pleasure to work for her!

It's a collaboration with :iconjanaschi:, I just moved to where she lives, so we did parts of the piece at her place and some at mine! Whoooo!

Some more copy+paste info about the collab, ummm, done over five days in Photoshop, some refs used for the foreground, we usually don't use refs but this was for a client. Ah, and since that question keeps coming up with these collabs, yes we just hung out in real life, painting on the same tablet, just taking turns :] Definitely the most enjoyable way to collaborate!

We hope you like it, steps are here ! -> [link]
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Total schön :)
TheOblivionofYuki's avatar
Toph looks beautifuil!
Koyukionna's avatar
Stunning work, really natural.
BaiXing's avatar
immer noch wunderschön <3 eines der wenigen fanarts die mir noch nach jahren ins gedächtnis gebrannt sind :)
BritannianAngel's avatar
I'm...speechless O____O
kokoronagomu's avatar
this is absolutely gorgeous! i really loved the attention to detail, the frog, the fabric of her outfit, the bridge.... yeah, it's all wonderful!
VictHernAravnLeal's avatar
i LOVE IT! so beautiful
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
Excellent, just excellent!
DrMarvelous's avatar
Absolutely Incredible!! XD
Jrduncan's avatar
such a beautiful painting
ladynox-white's avatar
ArienSmith's avatar
I love the lighting and how amazing your realism is. It's a beautiful piece and has a very nice emotion~
LadyAmbi's avatar
Good Work ;)
likelolwhat's avatar
Wow, so much detail! I like her outfit too. :D
katybee13's avatar
Beautiful! The word 'spectacular' comes to mind.
secondhandben's avatar
Absolutely magnificent! :heart:
Catdammerj's avatar
Absolutely stunning :)
ShermanTank13's avatar
so amazing, the light, color, omg.
Sihdiel's avatar
This has always been one of my favourites. c:
Rosakaz's avatar
Stunning piece. :wow: Such a wonderful work on lighting and colour. And that atmosphere... ahhh:love:
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