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Sister piece for
For Legends of the Cryptids *_*

Also if you feel like you could do with a motivating and encouraging learning environment where everyone posts their daily practice stuff, do check out permanoobs.
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Impressive.  Interesting perspective.
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Amazing piece of art! I love the fire. ^^
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Really cool. 
LovableWierdo's avatar
wow. that will be all...
rachelthepessimist's avatar
These are so beautiful. I love the detail in the shapes and the textures. And the sister pieces go really well together. 
HikaruLuvkaoru's avatar
This reminds me of Wildfire Zyra from LoL. o3o Very interesting, love it <3
shinny1gear's avatar
love the look of this it flows the idea that the devil is an angel that was cast out of heaven so of cores devils would have wings and a humanoid figure  
UnbearableME's avatar
has to be annoying burning like that you literaly cant touch anything :)
PaaSkaal's avatar
Nice flames rendering !
CellyUtau's avatar
*-* Das ist soooo Cool.Du bist so ein guter Künstler.
jdmann79's avatar
Umm, the words AWESOME and SPECTACULAR come to mind...  I haven't come across one of these fires yet, but it would be something to behold.  I'm adding you to my watch list, wow!
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everything is on fire lol! :onfire:
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Very nice piece of work love the detail in those embers
Art-Eli's avatar
wow! you're really awesome :D another stunning piece!
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wow...loots really professional! :)  awesome job!
Wicher91's avatar
Freaky awesome job! :)
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"You lay upon the blood soaked dead of your ruined land.  Castles plundered, dominions in ruin, servants destroyed. All to end the hell fire in which you sought to cover the world.  A bloody conquest, having consumed hundreds of thousands, countless villagers raised to the ground, and over twenty thousand impaled and prostrated by you and you alone, to strike horror into the hearts of mortal men!  What say you monster, demon, devil conceived from the blackest womb!? What say you now!!?"  CURSE YOU! 
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Beautiful work :)
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