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September 2, 2014
Suggester said: "I love the use of such a dramatic perspective and lighting, plus the statue's pose adds so much to the scene."

Also suggested by Ginryuzaki

Basilisk by algenpfleger
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Suggested by phase-daze
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Commercial work, for Legends of the Cryptids :3

Hey if you have time, check out my new sketchbook thread! I'm posting lots of studies and sketches there that don't really fit here. While you're there, if you feel like learning, start your own? <3

Sister piece:
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Nice picture. Very inspiring. Love the bread at the altar : D
FyrstGrok's avatar
Very nice perspective!
c0rwyn's avatar
This is amazing. I luv it. 
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samwalker2380's avatar
im sure you already know it but ive got to put my two cents in and this is cool
shinragod's avatar
Amazing perspective. :D
Marla-chan's avatar
such a huge story inside this single image
Fede300's avatar
You actually drew the roof or is it a picture? Can humans really get that good?
NightmarePrison's avatar
Omg those candle flames look real O_O
Such beauty T_T
SophiaInsanity's avatar
It sucks

all the beauty from the world, and it becomes this masterpiece!!!

Rus-ka's avatar
Great drawing.
rjkelders's avatar
Absolutely nailed the perspectives in this piece. Brilliant!
rajasegar's avatar
Astounding piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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Hi- Absolutely love both this and the sister piece. Would you be interested in having them in our art and literary magazine? Our mission is to find the new and talented fresh voices in art and literary work. We pay $40 for an art spread which includes an interview, byline and list of upcoming shows, or baring that, links to where your art can be found. The magazine is called Vanguard Creatives Quarterly. The website is If interested, my email is  Would love to put these two pieces in and possible look at more for a bigger spread.
fortunaa's avatar
that perspective is incredible!! i love the backlighting and the interior of the area, and the composition as well. congrats on the dd!!
HawthornSword's avatar
Wow! The perspective, lighting, pose of this are so incredible. 
RogerioGuimaraes's avatar
Very good artwork.
PaperDreamerArt's avatar
It's stunning artwork...I love the perspective!

Congrats on your DD!
thepolishgirl's avatar
Amazing.  But I need more - what's going on here exactly?  Is the woman some martyr who killed the basilisk?  Or is SHE the basilisk?  And why the candles and offerings? 
ymmijofmyself's avatar
looks like she's being attacked by the basilisk.  Her right hand is holding the basilisk's head and the basilisk is coiling around her.
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