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AVA-core's avatar
professional art from professional good work ^^ amazing art
NullFriction's avatar
amazing work, keep it up! :)
Daninky's avatar
I love how the circle background was green then it was blue XD
Faunartia's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
Kecgirl's avatar
looks rather like a photo.. :)
sergiovisual's avatar
very beautiful work :) in the end did you use the sharpen filter?¿
TheP4GAN's avatar
JosieGitsune's avatar
your brain is...
much wow
FenHung's avatar
Woaa, geil! Bitte, bitte mach tutorials! >.<! Ich liebe es, ich dachte erst es war ein Photo! :D
kylohnn's avatar
das dachte ich auch! die Schattierungen sind einfach nur... boah, mein Kopf explodiert xD
guterrez's avatar
great to see your process, it`s so different from my approach. awesome to watch.
I`m curious do you use any reference material for your work?
algenpfleger's avatar
thanks a bunch man! i don't use refs for working, i feel it hurts the consistency of the image if you have reference for one part and not for all the others
guterrez's avatar
wow, that`s so depressing man :D
exucomic's avatar
QueenOfWax-07's avatar
WOW! I thought it was a drawing after a picture but is the painting itself! impressive!!
yasermohavi's avatar
thank you for sharing
Adr1anP3laj's avatar
I thought this was a real life pic when i first saw it O: serious skills!
Dekus's avatar
Damn realistic. the floor is surprisingly well done.
atma33's avatar
Amazing as always :)
batosail's avatar
Wow, the metal look so realistic! How did you do this ? I mean, did you use references or is juste a pallet you use?
This is gorgeous !
CaleKovic's avatar
Seyreene's avatar
Ich finde deine Linearts immer so hübsch! Die könntest du ruhig auch immer noch mal extra hochladen, vielleicht in den Scraps. ;)

Bei diesem Bild ist es gut zu sehen, wie man Unschärfeffekte bei gemalten Bildern effektiv und auch attraktiv einsetzt.Das ist dir super gelungen! (Meist sieht Unschärfe in Kunstwerken ja nicht so toll aus, sondern eher aufgesetzt...)
ck100-art's avatar
I super like oh oh oh.
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