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Archeology girl

Some commercial work I did for Legends of the Cryptids.

I'm trying to loosen up my brushwork a little bit these days, it's working fairly well in the studies but bringing it over to work that's all from imagination is tricky.

By the way, check out my tumblr! I'm posting a bunch of new studies and sketches there.

I'm also working on some personal things that I will share soon :3
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has to be a trap :)
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You are such a genius it's absolutely unbelieveable the anatomy is a bit off but the scenery and lighting and pose is perfect!! *_*
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beautiful lighting and detail the reflection and her facial expression so intense!
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Die Hüfte ist zu schmal. Auch wenn ich glaube, dass es gezwungenermaßen so ist, damit ihre Tasche noch drauf passt, aber das fällt leider zu sehr auf.

Der Rest ist aber wie immer ein Augenschmaus. (xD geiles Wort)
I think her proportions look way off.
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Love the way you used light in this piece; on her face and the reflections on the sword. Great piece! :)
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the shading is wonderful
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Why is she wearing so little clothing? She's an archaeologist.
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Great colors. The reflections on the sword are amazing
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That's awesome! Love the colours, very well done!
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It's really cool to see you experimenting with rougher brushstrokes.  I love your clean and sharp pieces, but sometimes I find myself wondering what they would look like with a little bit more roughness to them, I feel like sometimes rough brush strokes can express emotions that are a bit more "raw."   I suppose it's all about balance though, and this is something I'm trying to find with my own work as well.  

Your art is amazing,  and your tutorials have been very helpful, please keep doing what you do. I know it makes a difference in people's lives, it has in mine. : )
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There are similar swords stabbed into the skeletons in the background. Not sure if that is a good idea for her or not. 
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This is awesome! I love how realistic the sword is:)
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She has a loooong torso o.o
Aren't her hips a little low?
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At the risk of being called a faggot, I would like to say that this is pretty koo, love how severely beautiful she be.
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are great  
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Excalibur was actually ON the rock and not INSIDE the rock... x'D
I think you should have done the hips a bit bigger :3
But this is a great work ^^
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You know, that hips, looks like you were afraid to reach the end of the paper ^^

This is great. I think she went through a lot of danger, tons of traps, and she finally is there, and the sword is unprotected, but there must be something dangerous wating, and she is like "Can i get it, what's the trick? Is is safe? What's that noise?"
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i wonder if the reflection was intentionnaly there  to look like blood...'cause this is awesome!
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Loong body is long. Looks cool, but proportions are messed a bit.
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