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Heya! Here's something I did for a contest on another site. Tried posting under a new name but they instantly noticed haha.

Done in PS CS3 as usual, spent about a day on it, no references used as usual.
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I spotted this a few months ago and smile when ever I see it. This is spectacular in terms of the composition and lighting. The dynamism just blows me away.
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Very dynamic.  Nice work. 
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I love the determination on her face and the dynamic pose. You usually don't see Angels flying so close to the ground, so this image of one skimming it with her fingertips stands out.
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The Sword and Armor look the same. Is the Angel fighting the "own" people?
Yeah always make me curious ;) ...
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Was this unused artwork for Archangel in Avacyn Restored or something? The sword in the foreground looks distinctly like that of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.
Oh yeah, - "Penemue Awakens."
I used some different art that I got under license from Shutterstock but this piece was the original inspiration for the story.
Hello there! I think this is some beautiful work. When I first saw this picture, I was inspired to write a story around it. Would you consider giving me permission to post it. I'd certainly give credit and linkback any way you wish.
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love the angle on this shot
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ooohhh tell your secret~ you're so cool as evaaahh
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a person on FB is claiming this work as their own and have put their name on it.… you might want to take a look
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"you hypocritical templar, FALL!"

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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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I love this!! I get a sense of shock along with the guy (I would presume it's a guy, but I very well could be wrong. :) who dropped his sword. I love the angle you drew this from! Unusual, but very effective! Has an "Oh snap!" feel and I love it!
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its like someone stoped this it
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I love her wings = )
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Awesomeness! Very Gothic/Renaissance atmosphere to it. The Bright vibrant colors POP out! :winner:
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This is INCREDIBLE! And you said it was only a day? That is amazing. Any chance of a "making of" sort of post?
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This is an amazing piece! Dynamic, intense and very believable, or at least as believable as an archangel can get. The action is very low to the ground and I really appreciate the dirt flying up. Its a nice little detail that makes the different between a good piece and an excellent piece.
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Fantastic visual!
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