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Gnome-Shell: Team Fortress 2



Finally it is finished. 5 days worth hard work and here it is, my first Gnome-shell theme. Comment and feedback are welcome.

There's this one part where I don't know how to fix the font color for the running app beside the Activities panel. Any idea how?


Install the zip file by using the Gnome Tweak Tool or extract the zip file content and put it in ~/.themes folder.

Note: Works only with Gnome 3.2

Wallpaper used: [link]

Great thanks to :iconhalf-left:, :iconplaidcounty:, :iconjustviper: for helping me a bit.

UPDATE$!!! Finally fixed it!! Somehow I got some problems when trying to install the applications menu extension. After hours of griefing and fixing,I've install it and made the necessary changes. No more updates!! BLARGH!!!

update 3 (hopefully the final): -Yes, this is getting ridiculous. I've done what I can do for now. Too damn tired right now.

update 2: -more minor tweaks

update: -fix font colors problems with the applications-menu extension

-made some adjustment with the ripple, if you want the original one, just open the css file and search for corner3.png and replace that word with corner2.png
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now do a L4D one!!!!