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Current Residence: Southern Sweden
Favourite photographer: Lennart Nilsson

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Norman Rockwell
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Road to Perdition, Fifth Element, Aliens, Serenity
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Wing Commander, Outcast, Wings, Richard Burns Rally, Grim Fandango, Furious Phil
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Climbing, MTB, airplanes and art.
Wow, time flies. I missed my annual update here by a whole year! I blame it on the fact that it has been 2 busy years for me. And since I'm still pretty busy, I'll just do the super condensed annual update: Work 10 years in the same game studio. Produce just one decent game thanks to "those" people now knowing games always interfering. See the studio beeing closed down. Unemployed. If you want something done, do it yourself. Grab 4 friends, start your own indie game studio. Develop mobile games for companies like Microsoft. Make some money. Spend money developing YOUR VERY OWN GAME!! See people love your game and see it climb to the top of t
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Time for my annual...ish update to the journal. Once again it's about my job, which I don't have anymore! As I wrote last time, I started working on a game based on a crappy license that I knew would fail... the game was ment to be a kids game, but the crappy license was from a crappy TV-series that aired in the sixties! I doubt many kids born the last 10 years, OR their parents cares much for that show. So why the hell make this game for them!? The guys in charge of that decision should loose their job, and they probably did, but so did I. Eidos decided to shut down the studio I worked for, among many others lately. So, freedom to do what I
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Work sucks...

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Oh well. Started working on a new game about 11 month ago. Pretty cool game and all, but it was for the Sony PSP, a console that could have been a mighty fine machine... if Sony wasn't stupid. So, I had the feeling from the beginning that PSP wouldn't be worth developing for much longer, but as usual the dudes in charge thinks otherwise. Now, 3 months before the release of our game, the dudes suddenly realize that the PSP ain't worth it. So, game canned, right before it's finished. As usual... 11 months work thrown away... again. Been in the stinkin' game biz for more than 6 years now, and almost 4 years of that hard work has been thrown away
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Hi. :) I am self publishing a fiction novel and I am looking for an artist to help me with my cover image. I am thinking of incorporating some kind of medieval sword design. If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks! 
Amazing art! ;)
I went to purchase your print on canvas, and loved the size. However, there's no options: Jet Black or brown edge on the canvas wrap. I'm very interested in purchasing this in the 20X30 canvas, flat, not stretched and with brush strokes. PLEASE make it available with these options.

trevligt galleri. :)
Hi, I was wondering if you would allow me to use your picture Swedish UFO interception for a fiction story that I'm writing?
Really great stuff!