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What you do is what really matters.
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Published: May 16, 2013
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Another masterpiece from :iconcsimadmax:

Remember when we got Bat-nipples and everybody was like "OMG it's ruined" "It's ruined forever"
After that we got a great movie, then an awesome movie, then a movie with a funny guy talking about the 1% .... or something.
Anyway if you're angry about Equestra Girls or the Coronation .... or pretty much everything in your life take Bats advice.
Because he's The Goddamn Batman
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Someone probably mentioned it already but I'll bring up the that Tara Strong voiced Bargirl
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Batman : I think I am in the wrong cartoon 
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yes he be in the wrong cartoon but were he see her read the journal and he know what he ave a do! and right he done, zatana come to take him to home!
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Chai-FoxboxHobbyist Digital Artist
but still, bat nipples are weird xD
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holy celestia its batman!!
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DeathChefStudent Digital Artist
Sweet cross over Giggle 
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It reminds me of what Mewtwo said in the first pokemon movie: "I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

It's not exactly the same thing, but kinda the same concept.
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ajshimHobbyist Digital Artist
Pro tip. Pro tip for life. 
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DawnDewdropStudent Artist
Okay, I'm with ya. . . besides his best movie has got to be the Dark Knight Return movies, but his best series is most definatley the batman animated series :D 
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Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong MUST do a dub of this.
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I loved Equestria Girls but this is a pretty awesome comic! and yeah, i remember how horrible Joel Schumacher's take on Batman was (although Forever was alright, Batman & Robin was pure shit!) and compared to how awesome Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns were, i felt that Warner Bros. should've just let Burton make a third Batman film like he was planning to! but at least we got three AMAZING Batman films from Christopher Nolan thanks to the shittiness that was Batman & Robin! and although i loved MLP:EG, that is still very valuable advice from the Dark Knight himself! :)
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
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gogeta17Hobbyist General Artist
ya know why eqg sucked pony balls?
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
Because he's Batman?
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gogeta17Hobbyist General Artist
and it was only eqg that sucked. so let's just relax and watch some good ol hoffy 1138!… the master of disgust

and my personal fave.....

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gogeta17Hobbyist General Artist
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camrynthebronyHobbyist General Artist
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bruiser128Student Traditional Artist
HAHAHA this makes so much sense.
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ClyobateHobbyist General Artist
His parents are dead. Don't get in a fight with him.
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can't argue with his logic cuz he's the Goddamn Batman 
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I know what you're talking about.  I have only seen the two Batman movies directed by Tim Burton (Batman and Batman Returns) as well as The Dark Knight, but I was a huge fan of the 90's Batman cartoon series.  So I took all the "jump the shark" talk about Batman after "Batman & Robin" crashed and burned.  

So I know what Bats is talking about concerning those who say that MLP:FiM jumped the shark when Twilight Sparkle became an Alicorn princess at the end of Season 3.  I personally think that this will open up new possibilities for both Twilight and her friends.  I believe that Twilight will (in Season 4) remain (her wings and title notwithstanding) the same adorkable egghead we know and love.

As for those who are grousing over Equestria Girls, keep in mind that ever since the fandom began there have been fanfictions, fanart, fan memes, etc. that have portrayed the Mane 6, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, secondary ponies (like Derpy Hooves) and even the Alicorn Sisters (Celestia and Luna) as humans.  And now, since the animators produced a movie showing Twilight and company as humans it's a jump the shark moment? I think not.

Let's just see what happens when Season 4 starts, keep calm and brony on.
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Dat moment when all you've theorized comes true
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Mage189Hobbyist General Artist
50 bonus internet points for Batman saying You're Welcome.
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