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Fallout Equestria: The Ghost of the Wastes Part 8

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Thanks a lot to :iconcsimadmax: for the outstading art, pay her a visit please :)

Page 8 and we're back to the Big MT, well I guess we will never know the secrets behind that scepter.

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That scepter joke was one of the worst attempts at making a forced meme since the hula-hoop from Portal....still cool comic. 
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wait was the scepter made to become a meme?
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The scepter originated from a scene in the season four opener where discord conjures up the scepter as well as a cape and crown on twilight in attempt to make a comment about her acting like she was above everyone else since she was now a princess. My point was the fact it had a goofy face and how pronounced it was in that scene was an instance of trying to make a meme out of a force joke. And initially it didn't work at least not until "popular" artists started to feature it everywhere and it has such become more of an in-joke then a meme. I believe the phenomenon is called 'twilicane'.
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well the joke was funny to me and it is something discord would do and it is not that they keep spamming it i think it was just something that people remembered.
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Whatever, each to their own, I guess. 
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JoeEnglandProfessional General Artist
  Y'know, what I read into this series, and what I really like about it, is the implication that after all the grimdark of the Fallout Equestria stories, after all the serious tragedy and horror of war and recovery, Equestria is returning to a state of harmony.  And I mean "harmony" in a very "meta" way... as the air clears the various narratives are gravitating towards the natural humor and light-hearted nature of the setting.  As the land finally heals jokes are once again funny, the colors are cheerful, and the ponies are adorable.  It's like the channel is slowly changing from "dramatic sci-fi" to... well, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."  And seeing all the plot threads from "Fallout: Equestria's" bleak setting evolve and resolve in such a fashion is wonderfully heartwarming.

  And hilarious too, of course.  It goes without saying that the laughs are still a little more sardonic than anything we'd see in the show, but that's icing on the cake so far as I'm concerned.
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Pretty interesting analysis, given that it matches the original games pretty well: pre-war America was a pretty crapsack place, with rampant paranoia, commie fear, and cultural stagnation, whereas post-apocalypse America is eventually thriving and advancing despite all the damage. Depending on how moral the protagonist is, you can usually make the wasteland a better place.

Sadly, most of the Fallout: Equestria fanfics ignore this and play up the terror and crushing despair of the wasteland, especially Project Horizons.
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JoeEnglandProfessional General Artist
Hm.  Sounds about right... I'm sure they're great stories, but grimdark never really appealed to my personal tastes.
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You say that like you're going to refuse to help the mare with the heavily-armed robot utterly devoted to her.
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I get the (purple) Rarity one, but the other 2 ?

...the red one is Big Mac ? Blue : RD, maybe ?
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dash has red eyes. not yellow.
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Nope, both are unnamed scientists from the Big MT, they appeared in the fisr part of this story "Shining Hearts"…
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I want a cone hat! 
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Something tells me that Sweetie Bot isn't taking 'no' for an answer... or, indeed, anything except: "Yes, Minister Rarity! Whatever you say Minister Rarity!"
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crazyone59Hobbyist General Artist
all hale twilicane
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Lol, That is tooo funny, can't wait for more.
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madkrayzydaveStudent Traditional Artist
I just have to ask, where is the scientist who ejaculated in to the sonic emitter. I'd laugh my ass of if he would be here.
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When in doubt, C4. (In this case, a bazooka) :XD:
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Sweetie Bot, good, bad, she's the one with the arsenal of guns.
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ChaosDX1Student General Artist
Follower of the Apocalypse Fluttershy is adorable.

...After saying that I realized that Fluttershy is ALWAYS adorable.
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asm1994Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Who needs to pick a lock, just blow a hole in the wall!
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Twilicane just never seems to get old with me. Also, LOVE Rarity Brain Pod's pouty face in the final panel and Flutters, who is always adorable, is especially so here. 
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vindurzaHobbyist General Artist
she has great break in skills
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