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Comic: Pinkie Pie Cosmic guardian

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And yes another masterpiece from :iconcsimadmax:

In Equestria Girls is pretty much clear that the human Pinkie Pie knows about the pony world, and the pony Pinkie Pie knows about the human world.

My theory is that Pinkie is pretty much a guardian of the Multiverse, she doesn't "break the 4th wall" she just travels through the universes, in one universe Pinkie is a human, in other a pony, a spider, a reptil, a toaster, an alien....... she's everywhere at any time keeping the balance in the multiverse, avoiding the entropy. So Pinkie Pie is more powerful than Thanos, Galactus, Imperiex and even Squirrel Girl.

Pinkie Pie is just behind you.
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It's Like Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

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redrex96Hobbyist General Artist
THERE HOW MANY PINKIES..........................
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The theory goes further in 3rd eg movie deleted scenes
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infraturbopigcartHobbyist Traditional Artist
My brain explode.
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animeak116Hobbyist Writer
What the fuck did I just look at?
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animeak116Hobbyist Writer
I can. It comprehend what just happened tye world already has enough with one show with one pinkypie. Which I absolutely hate. And she's already annoying as hell. We don't need more pinkypie coming from the muliverse
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What in the multiverse?! You know in some way this makes sense XD 
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The pink lantern corps? Pinkie and the Guardians of the Multiverse?
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I don't know which is scarier, human Pinkie or Toaster pinkie. Is she related to Toaster from Old World Blues?
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Oh dear god I hope not!
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haha yes i love it
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I can see this becoming a series... 

Can anyone else? 
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PlotTwistthePegasus General Artist
OMG! This is probably accurate, because Pinkie.
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SheTheTDEHobbyist General Artist
she has a toaster form?
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thedarkspeedwolf12Student Photographer
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can there be a part 2
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(Sees Raptor Pinkie).........Clever girl.
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............. What is happening
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I don't think she's a guardian.
She is far more powerful than any other being in the ponyverse though. I don't think she even consciously realizes this, however. She just is. She can know anything her other selves knows as well.

Nothing could stop her if she ever harnessed her powers. (and she wouldn't need a magic pool to multiplicate herself)
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It...makes...PERFECT SENSE!
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Holy sh**....,
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I thought the dinosaur version should be the Troodon because the Troodon is the smartest of all of the Dinosaurs.
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