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Super Nintendo Rom Icons

By Alforata
Now its time for my new Snes icons for your .smc roms =D

It was made while looking a Snes cartridge, so, almost no imperfections here... just like the other, gameboy icons ^^

Mmm as you should know, there are 128, 64, 48, 32 and png icons there ^^

Keep your roms as retro as possible =3

Ah, if someone wants, Im gonna do the "Super Famicom" catridge icons too, the japan version, of course.

Enjoy all~~


EDIT: Fixed a problem with the icons streching. Please if someone downloaded this icons, please download them again. Sorry for the problems.
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Please Do More. That's AMAZING :D
VladDraculiv's avatar
how do I download these icons?
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Can't wait for Super Famicom template. Hyperspin community will love it. : )
DaveFelisFan24's avatar
how do we use the icons on the roms? just asking.
iynque's avatar
Sorry, but it says "LICENCED" on the corner instead of "LICENSED" :o

Very helpful to have these wonderful icons. Might you do an original NES cartridge too? There's such an icon here on DA, but I think your "generic" ones are much nicer. :D
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anyway you can make these icons 512x512?
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Thanks...great job. :) (Smile) 
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What about good-old Famicom ones? Am I the only person here who got a pirate Famicom from the flea market as their first childhood gaming device? :D

I don't remember these tall and fancy, gray square boxes! Mine were compact, simple, and easy to handle! Swift to strike! Arrrgh! ;)
bogercs's avatar
Rom city! I'll do that
Zardshark's avatar
BTNH108464's avatar
not everyone can afford to re-buy old games.
Zardshark's avatar
Bullshit, they have smartphones, which are very expensive.  And retro games are very cheap at playntrade and ebay.

They are just too lazy to buy them or don't know where to buy them.
BTNH108464's avatar
the good games are not cheap. Try searching for megaman x3 for less than $60? and trust me, i own a lot of these snes games.
Zardshark's avatar
Well go ahead and emulate, I just prefer the real experience.
BTNH108464's avatar
me too, i grew up playing the nintendo, snes, genesis.
MakeGamesHappen's avatar
I agree. Megaman x2 NEVER WENT DOWN IN PRICE after it was released over 10 years ago.
I remember because I wanted it and ended up getting donkey kong instead. Still regret that.
I have the original cartridges for MegamanX1 & 3... But not 2.

Same thing with ChronoTrigger.

(-John Mark)
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You is a great artist!!
virus-hero's avatar
Can I use this for a fake of a game im doing?
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Sure you can.
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can u please do atari 2600 cartridges by the way this icon is FANTASTIC!
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Say, thanks.
BlueMario1016's avatar
Those look cool. I wanna use those! :D

Well, If it's fine with you. ^^;
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Sorry about the late response! :) Im always saying this: Feel free to use them, just remember to credit the author! :)
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