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GBC Compatible Rom Icon

Well, I totally love this one... As you can see, there was some Black cartridges that was compatible with the Gameboy and they can be played with some features like colour in the Gameboy Color...They had the shape of the original Gameboy carts but, they were black, not like the Gameboy Colour only cartridges, that were transpared with diferent shape....It was a little hard, Its not just a recolor of the other icons, I changed a lot of things, like how black plastic reflects light, and I made the GBC logo from scratch, all by myself. I could not found a hi res GBC logo, so, made one xD

Im gonna do the transparent cartridges later though... =D

Ok, like the other icons, 128, 64, 48, 32 and png inside the file.
Use them as you wish, but give credit when its due.

Enjoy all~~


EDIT! 2011/7/12!

Well! It was about time I fixed some details that were bothering me in this icon, I also fixed the Gameboy icon on:

I changed some details, the label, the shading of some parts and some highlights to make it feel more like the real deal.

So yeah, to spend less time when using this icon, I created a multipurpose-multisize single .ico file ! So it now contains all these sizes if needed. I also included the png file just in case too.

Also guys, if anyone is using it on frontends or compilations or anything like that, you dont need to ask me for permission to use it, but please remember to credit me in your credits. It took time to create so favs are also nice

So yeap! That's it for now, enjoy the latest version!
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Stunningly good, very impressive work.
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I believe that pokemon silver and gold versions were compatible with Gameboy 1 along with pokemon TCG
correct me if I'm wrong, because this generation was a tiny bit before my time , so I only have knowledge of GBA and DS
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Yeap. Silver and Gold, along with TCG were compatible with the old Gameboy Pocket. So these were like you can see, "GBC Compatible cartridges", however since these were Pokemon games, these were colored in different ways.
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Awesome! I didn't even have an icon for these roms. I was using a regular cartridge icon for them. You're the best! Now my color roms will look perfect :D
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Oh Thanks ^^

Im gonna do the GBC-Only (The transparent cartridge) too :3~~ So you'll have to choose for your GBC Roms ^^
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Oooh, decisions, decisions! XD

I'll just have to switch between the two :D
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sabelo q si alguna vez hago un emulador de gba va a usar este icono!!!
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...Podes usarlos en los roms sabes? xD...Yo los tengo en los roms de GBC...ahora te explico por msn xD
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