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Very unexpected, Much coins, Wow!

Well, it was about time that I made some icons for the dogecommunity! I have been researching quite a while into Dogecoins in the past weeks and I found in love with them as a crypto-concurrency! Because of this, I ended up doing some cool coins for Dogecoins, so this one is for you guys!

The icons inside are both PSD and PNG, 256x256px in size. Fully vector-shape in PS. You can find Gold, Silver and Cooper coins, along with an extra mixed coin that I added just for fun! Also, I'm glad for the likes and favourites!

Feel free to use them in any project you want! It's free to copy, share and distribute, however please respect the license. Always credit the oiriginal author (aka; me!).

I will probably do more like these later in the road when I have time to.
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nada mal amigo,jeje y pensar que hace mucho tiempo que no se te veía por acá,jeje y debo decir que está bueno el diseño amigo,jeje,n_n, parece que emularan una moneda real por los colores que usaste,jeje