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❋ Informations ❋

「 Character 」
Saber Lily
Fate/Grand Order | Fate/Zero

「 Credit 」
♪ Render
♪ Inspired Thanks to
❋ All resource respect to owner ❋

「 About 」
♪ I not draw this. I just edited
♪ Ask me about collab,
♪ Thanks for your comment and suggestion.
♪ Thanks for your Favorite and Watch.

「 Copyrights © 」
I made this with the help of various parties. Regarding copyrights issues, please contact me.

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© 2018 - 2021 Alfillianofebri
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Open to the star gazing sense of will.  The reflections can surly be inspiring.
TheBancho's avatar
Can i get the original artist please? 
Alfillianofebri's avatar
I edit this use render, and some fractal from package.
For the render, you can check this art Information. Thanks :')
STK-ARTZZ's avatar
I never seen an art is so fantasy,  she looks so beautiful.
Alfillianofebri's avatar
Thanks :')
<3 you :')
Andromarion's avatar
What an colorful and lively picture!
Alfillianofebri's avatar
Thanks :')
<3 you :')
QQ925965309's avatar
Alfillianofebri's avatar
非常感谢你 <3
Heorukz's avatar
that saber lily is so beautiful, i love her <3 ^^ amazing work!!
Alfillianofebri's avatar
Thanks :')
<3 you too :')
JMObyx's avatar
Where's the pauldrons?
Furry-arts607's avatar
Now these skills are art skills
It looks great
Agletka's avatar
wow, this is not a drawing but edit? it still looks amazing
hope to see more Fate/ related stuff ;u;

also 1st comment of the 2019~
Alfillianofebri's avatar
Just editing with render, and some fractal :')

Yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 :')
charreddragonchi's avatar
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Amazing! This looks super cool! Yeah nice job! I'm just making a suggestion (Not a request) I really hope you'll draw Stocking Anarchy with her sock blades too! It's up to you~
Alfillianofebri's avatar
Thanks for support, :')
But I'm not open request now, sorry about it :'(
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