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BioHazard feat.Alfi


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❋ Informations ❋

「 Character 」
Collaboration Works

「 Credit 」
♪ Basic Start thanks to
❋ All resource respect to owner ❋

「 About 」
♪ I not draw this. I just edited
♪ Ask me about collab,
♪ Thanks for your comment and suggestion,
♪ Thanks for your Favorite and Watch,
♪ Hope you like it.

Signature Banner | Color Manipulation | Wallpaper

「 Copyrights © 」
I made this with the help of various parties. Regarding copyrights issues, please contact me.

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「 Selot Iklan 」

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Smiley soleil - Sun  Congratulations, your piece has been nominated and entered in the Daily Signature Competition #2243 with :iconsignature-lab:…
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Who painted the original character? You write " Background, Fractal, Resource All resource respect to owner." But who is the owner? Your "original" link just leads to another gfx-er who then links to an account with thousands of illegal renders. You are showing absoluetly no respect to the artists that created the "resources" you used here.

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You can not always remember where you get the materials to make a design or special edition, often the artists are lost among their renders on the internet, it is not surprising that we do not give specific credit since we do not know the artist but because So we put the '' the credits to their respective owner '', because although we do not know who it is we mainly give credit to them and I do not think I have to ignore the fact that they already know who they are, and if they have a problem with it coming out their art is something foreign to them because they can send a pm for make us to eliminate the post, that's as simple as that.

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That's just goddamn pathetic and shows how arrogant, ignorant and most of all inconsiderate you are! You say the original artist can send you a pm if he doesn't want his images to be used, but you're making it almost impossible for them to find you by not asking for permission or giving credit in any meaningful way. How the fuck is the original artist supposed to know you are using his/her art?
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So then tell me, just to know, you think we are getting paid for this? you think we are claiming for the character being of our own? we're just doing a edit, and then saying that the resources aren't of our own, what's your problem? i mean, if the artist see it and don't want it to be published from no other than him i'll just pm the person and then tell the issue of copyright, but at this point of everyone doing renders of everything we can't know at all who is the real original character and less when the renderer don't give the link (also saying that he just did the render, not the image itself), and even more when you can see more edits with the same render, tell me, you go everywhere saying that to all the GFX's or design edits that X's renders aren't of that person and not are giving credit and all that shit? when the people that do that just say ''i dont own any of the resources, credit to their respective owners, i just made the edit'' cuz they know that they can't claim for the copyright of the characters that appear on the image, my god -.-

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You're just like every other GFX artist I've come across. You talentless idiots really are all the same. Always the same bullshit arguments...…
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he/her'll send a pm***

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Real nice work my friend. I believe it would make a great desktop wall too. :clap:
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Thanks, but this is collab work,
Support him too :iconjhainc:
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DAMN, great artwork!
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Thanks, but I just collab,
Support him too :iconjhainc:
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