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This digital artwork piece used it to introduce my 5th paint video. Kindly click below to see it in animation and the rest of the video of my 5th installment.


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This is a great captivating art, the colour scheme is really eye catching, it makes you want to click!

The textures on the background with bamboo leaves are truly amazing. It brings the whole Japanese atmosphere together and I especially love the textures in her skin and hair. I absolutely love your lines too, in some parts they are thick and in some thin, it really gives more depth on the girl.

Your style and technique I have never seen before. The way you coloured looks so different. It's like an "old" style theme like what the people in the olden days might have used since this generation many uses bright colours.

Although there are a few errors. The right side of the face seem different to the left side. The eyes for example are closer to the nose and the roundness of the face is much smaller cmpared to the left side. The lip is a little bit unbalanced as well, but I would say it was the fault of the face shape, it was too thin that there is no space for the lip compared the left.

In conclusion, you did very well!!