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Rainy Cafe Night by AlfaWF Rainy Cafe Night :iconalfawf:AlfaWF 9 0 Dish of Fish by AlfaWF Dish of Fish :iconalfawf:AlfaWF 5 2 Deadly Curiosity by AlfaWF Deadly Curiosity :iconalfawf:AlfaWF 1 0
DDLC: Aftermath, Passing Past
The night is calm and breezy. The moon lit the dark world with it's bright shine and the creatures of the night sings amidst countless other noises. One of those noises are the noise came from the engines of three cars, completely stopped right before a guard post. Smoke barely visible coming from the black straight marking on the asphalt road.
The 350z's door opens and Yuri steps out of her vehicle, looking at the white Evo that had helped her. She quickly turns her head towards a pink Cappuccino that's approaching and slowing down before stopping completely near her. A small figure steps out and run towards her, yelling, "Yuri!" It's Natsuki, her face is wet with sweat. " Are you okay!?"
Adrenaline still rushing through Yuri's body, making her unable to speak for a moment. She nods to Natsuki's question before she glance to the silver GT-R that she stopped. There, a figure with long light brown hair can be seen with their face down.
The Evo's door open and a man steps out wearing a w
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 4 4
DDLC: Aftermath, The Broken Souls (Part 4/Last)
The moon stares the Earth with it's glaring light as the noises of animals of the night keeps the Earth from deafening silence. But those noisy creatures fall silence as the roaring man-made engines of several cars pass through the black asphalt.
Two pair of beaming light passes through, close like a cheetah chasing it's prey. Behind, they are followed by another pair of light a few seconds behind. Screeching of the rubber tyres follows soon after they enter a corner. Once the three cars had passed, the creatures of the night fills the moon-lit night with their noises.
Both the 350z and the GT-R enters a corner, while the 350z clears it smoothly, the GT-R almost touches the guardrail. It's front tyres tries to turn the car, but barely manage to. As soon as it's clear the corner, the front tyres slips a little, luckily the driver manage to stay in control and avoiding the guardrail. "Damn. The front tires got no grip, and the brakes are even worse. I didn't expect this," Monika sweats p
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 2 2
DDLC: Aftermath, The Broken Souls (Part 3)
The time is 11:24 P.M. Most of the people are either sleeping or do something to spend the rest of the night. While the town's road is silence and nearly vacant of any pedestrians, the mountain pass are noisy with the roar of powerful engines carrying the cars through such winding road.
Monika, known by many as Scythe, are driving her silver GTR - tailgating a blue 350z before her with Yuri on the driver seat. She glares at the blue car as her mind speaks, "Today is the seventh anniversary of his death. It's been seven years already. What I can't stand is that you've recovered and moved on. Is your heart as cold as the arctic? Was it so easy for you to forget?"
"Is that the extent of your feelings for him?" an aura of darkness envelopes Monika and her car as she tries to understand Yuri's action through the years.
"No..." Yuri speaks back in her mind. Despite not speaking with Monika by words, she can feel Monika questioning her. She feels like her action can brings her message to Moni
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 1 2
Badly Drawn Car Sketch by AlfaWF Badly Drawn Car Sketch :iconalfawf:AlfaWF 6 2
DDLC: Aftermath, A Lost Soul
The hard crimson skies in the far East guards the sun as it slowly crawl out of the horizon. A rather different view, never noticed by the three girls, walking to his house - all dressed with the best outfit they have. Everyone's ready to take the pressure from his shoulders - a walk with what is left of the Literature Club. "How's your stomach, Yuri?" Natsuki asks, half hopping like a little girl.
"It's a lot better now. Doctor said It's pretty much fixed. Though I can still see the sewing. Thanks to him I didn't lost that much blood..." Yuri stalled on her sentences.
"You okay, Yuri?" Natsuki asks worrily, no longer half hopping.
"It's just... I feel so bad for him... You do remember when we went to his house, right? I can still hear his cries in my head every night... I can feel his pain..." Yuri answers.
"Me too. And with Sayori no longer around us, everyday feels like something important missing. He must be in so much pain and sorrow." Natsuki walks in the same pace as Yuri, despi
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 4 11
DDLC: Aftermath, The Broken Souls (Part 2)
"Hey, Yuri..." his voice echoing through Yuri's mind as she brings her car through the winding mountain pass, tailgated by Scythe's silver GTR. "You're really a unique person, you know,"
"Ah, is... Is that so?" she recalls her memories talking to him a few days after he joins the club.
"Yeah. You're as old as I am, but you're more mature than me. I really like the way you talk and handle things like an adult, like a mother... The type of girl that would make any man happy..." she remembers flustering when she heard it.
"Ah... T-Thanks... Never before someone told me that..." his eyes burns through her thought as the memories keep pouring in.
"I'm not sure I can be the one..." he pauses. "Maybe you deserves better than me... I do hope you find someone who will stay with you forever..." she snaps back into reality as his voice fades from her mind.
"So far, no one has ever escaped Scythe. Her car is outrageously fast!" Natsuki stares to the two cars before her. She can feel the hostile au
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 2 2
DDLC: Aftermath, The Broken Souls (Part 1)
The cloudless night lets the bright light of the full moon shines the earth below. Night creatures calls each other, breaking the deafening silence of the night. Dark asphalt of the road carves the mountain, winding and full of corners. From afar, loud roar of man-made engines inching closer and closer by the second, followed by the skidding noise of the tyres as it cornering in speeds follows.
Lights starts to appears behind one of the corner, and within seconds, followed by the roaring engine, a blue 350z appears, followed by a tailgating GTR. The roar of its engines is so loud it deafen the noise the animals made.
Monika, driving the GTR inching closer to Yuri's car after every corner, thanks to her powerful 600 horsepower GTR engine. As for Yuri, her car is weaker in horsepower, but it's compensated by the lighter weight. "There will be one round for this," Monika said to herself. "You win if you manage to get away... But I won't let that happen."
Trailing behind them is Natsuki, d
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 3 6
DDLC: Aftermath, Monika
Her jade eyes scans through sentences after sentences on her book. Her long light brown hair left untied as she flip through pages of the book on her hand. After a few while, she stands from her chair and put her book back on the bookshelf. Once she put the book back, she takes her car and house key before she goes out to her garage, awakening the blade of the Grim Reaper's Scythe.
Monika is well known to be a demanding and cold manager on the work, but once one know her enough, she's actually a sweet person. It's a common secret that she often manipulate, in a good way, those who works under her wings to make them work better. She's respected by those who work for her and those who hired her.
Still a single career woman, she refers to have a two door, two-seated vehicle, just like her silver metallic R34 GTR. Often spotted cruising her GTR in mountain passes at the dead of the night, when those who are still on the road are either herself or the ghosts of those who died around the pas
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 2 9
DDLC: Waterless Shores
"I never expect to meet my old friends here," said the figure, far enough from the two to make her face hidden within the shadow of her hoodie, her brown hair partially out from her hoodie.
"Have we met before?" Yuri looks at her puzzled.
"Quite a while ago. You do remember about them, don't you?" even though the two women can't see half of her face, they can feel her eyes piercing through them. "It's best for you to visit them tomorrow. Besides, you won't be working tomorrow, right?"
The two women are speechless as the figure turn around and walk back to her car. They look at each other and back at the figure that's entering her car before drives off the park back to the mountain pass. "I-Is that...?" Natsuki asks, still puzzled.
"I honestly don't know, but it could be her. We haven't heard of her since our graduation, so it might be her," Yuri replies. "We should go home now, It's almost 01:00 in the morning,"
"Yeah... Let's. It's been exhausting to me," Natsuki rubs her foreh
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 3 6
DDLC: Aftermath, Yuri and Natsuki
The bright full moon of the night illuminate a skate a park above a mountain, now empty of any visitor except for the two women, Yuri and Natsuki. Yuri is sitting in a bench next to a vending machine, holding a can of soda. while Natsuki is buying a can of soda from the machine. "So, what's up with you now?" Natsuki enters some changes into the machine.
"I work in a financial firm. Mentally exhausting job, but it paid me well," Yuri sips on her soda.
"Really? So, why does your car got that nice carbon spoiler?" she glance at Yuri's car, parked next to hers.
"Well, I'm also a part-time racer now," Yuri replies.
"Wait, a racer? Why do I never heard of you in news?" Natsuki looks at Yuri as she takes the soda from the machine.
"Yes. Only I never actually won. I usually got the top five, but never the first place," Yuri moves her soda can like a glass of wine.
"No wonder you got that nice spoiler. Also, why do you become a racer?" Natsuki looks up to the bright moon.
"Do you know that I us
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 3 10
DDLC: Aftermath, Yuri
The clocks on the wall ticking with every passing second. The silence of the hallway only broken by the light buzzing sound from the air conditioning and ventilation fan. It's 10:54 PM now, most of the employees have already gone home, making the parking lot next to the building looks like a heavenly place in a busy hour. The light from street lights and other various light sources around the building are crowded with moths and other bugs that are attracted to light. Some people still walking around outside, either coming home from work or just security guards patrolling the perimeter.
Within the building, a dark haired woman with work suit are fiddling with some papers. Putting them in files and into shelfs before taking off her glasses and let go of her tied, long hair. She lets out a sigh before sitting down and lean herself to her chair. Staring into the ceiling, she said "Another overtime... I hope I get paid well this month... Suzy needs her carbon fibre bonnet."
Her phone vibrat
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 5 15
DDLC: Aftermath, Natsuki
Sounds of the animal of the night echoes through the lake, keeping the hotel near the lake from deafening silence of the night. The small floating clouds in the sky above accompanying the lonely moon and blistering stars light years away. The long arm of the clocks keeps inching to the number "12" with every passing minute, as the shorter arm clinging near the number "11".
The ground level of the hotel are now nearly dead silence. Only clanking of the cleaned cutlery can break the silence other than the clicking of the clock. As the last cutlery got into the shelf, she takes off her chef cap and hang it near the kitchen entrance before she exits the kitchen and walks towards the front door. "Rarely see you doing overtime," said a night guard that's holding a cup of coffee on his hand, leaning on the wall.
"It's none of your business," she said as she walks pass him.
"Whatever," he sips his coffee.
As she walks through the front door, she notices a coworker of her sitting on the stairwa
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 6 4
Doki Doki Literature Club: Turning Tides
The roar of an engine follows a car through the school's gate, its tyres skits as it turn into a sharp corner. His bloody hand shift the gear for the car to move faster and faster. He can't lose a minute, nor a second. The weight of someone's life is on his shoulders, weighing him down as he go through the not-so-busy street for the nearest hospital. "Come on! Stay with me! Don't you dare die on me!" he yells as he turns the wheel with his right hand while he push her bleeding wound with her other hand.
"N-No... Why... Why did you... Do this...?" she asks.
"No. I can't lose you. I have lost a best friend of mine. I won't lose another friend," the speedometer's pointer is now at 80 km/h. The streets with minimum traffic helps him drive her to help, as his pumping adrenaline keeps him calm and fast.
His left hand keep shifting from the shift stick to her wound as his eyes focuses on the road before him. A hospital's sign can be seen now, and without a second thought he drives the car to
:iconalfawf:AlfaWF 6 6


Magnus vs Russ (warhammer 40k JoJo reference) by Wesley-Peeters Magnus vs Russ (warhammer 40k JoJo reference) :iconwesley-peeters:Wesley-Peeters 22 3 Orcbolg's bizarre tea drinking by Hatobutsu Orcbolg's bizarre tea drinking :iconhatobutsu:Hatobutsu 141 8 Blend S Minimalist Wallpaper by MinimalistJunky Blend S Minimalist Wallpaper :iconminimalistjunky:MinimalistJunky 22 0 [MMD] Random model put into a JoJo pose #3 by AnyaJackal1 [MMD] Random model put into a JoJo pose #3 :iconanyajackal1:AnyaJackal1 10 0 DIO by Koumi-senpai DIO :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 696 66 MGSV - Diamond Joes by polarityplus MGSV - Diamond Joes :iconpolarityplus:polarityplus 1,145 50 T-POSE TO ASSERT DOMINANCE by SetsuraChii T-POSE TO ASSERT DOMINANCE :iconsetsurachii:SetsuraChii 14 4 (ANIMATION) MONIKA'S JOJO UPDATE by 8feet (ANIMATION) MONIKA'S JOJO UPDATE :icon8feet:8feet 33 0 Midori Nohi in Jojo poses by ZakuraRain Midori Nohi in Jojo poses :iconzakurarain:ZakuraRain 378 25 I accept (reject) my humanity Mario (JOJO) by PuallaMaggy I accept (reject) my humanity Mario (JOJO) :iconpuallamaggy:PuallaMaggy 11 0 DDLC: Yuri and Monika | JOJO by PuallaMaggy DDLC: Yuri and Monika | JOJO :iconpuallamaggy:PuallaMaggy 34 11 Mortal Kombat 11 by zetsumeininja Mortal Kombat 11 :iconzetsumeininja:zetsumeininja 139 8 Alliance Death Squad trooper (upd) by TugoDoomER Alliance Death Squad trooper (upd) :icontugodoomer:TugoDoomER 81 7 Kuyang chan by An1mblu3 Kuyang chan :iconan1mblu3:An1mblu3 3 0 Super Crown by ayyk92 Super Crown :iconayyk92:ayyk92 6,224 812 Bloody Type R by RMCDriftr Bloody Type R :iconrmcdriftr:RMCDriftr 15 11


Deadly Curiosity
So, I joined an anime club in my campus, and they got the illustration division. I join the illustration division and decide to join inktober. Maybe I got better through it.
Anyway, here it is, the very first of my Inktober.
Oh, boy! How long have I gone?
The semester's about to start, I don't know how much time I can get.
I want that sweet 3,9 GPA, though.
I've been gone doing nothing basically.
I do moved to my bro's house tho.
Aside from that I no longer have access to papers, printers or many drawing equipments. I do have my laptop, though. But I might not be able to draw anything for a few months.
Maybe I'll start drawing again late this year or next year. Maybe.
I've been gone doing nothing basically.
I do moved to my bro's house tho.
Aside from that I no longer have access to papers, printers or many drawing equipments. I do have my laptop, though. But I might not be able to draw anything for a few months.
Maybe I'll start drawing again late this year or next year. Maybe.


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