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[Request] Naomi by Alfatina [Request] Naomi :iconalfatina:Alfatina 6 1 Kitchen reunion by Alfatina Kitchen reunion :iconalfatina:Alfatina 3 7 [Trade] Irene by Alfatina [Trade] Irene :iconalfatina:Alfatina 3 6 [Gift] Early Christmas party by Alfatina [Gift] Early Christmas party :iconalfatina:Alfatina 3 3 [Cosplay] Pandora, Saint Seya The Lost Canvas by Alfatina [Cosplay] Pandora, Saint Seya The Lost Canvas :iconalfatina:Alfatina 1 2 [ Trade ] Kau'ul by Alfatina [ Trade ] Kau'ul :iconalfatina:Alfatina 2 8 [OC] Yuuka by Alfatina [OC] Yuuka :iconalfatina:Alfatina 3 7 [Fanart] Allen Walker by Alfatina [Fanart] Allen Walker :iconalfatina:Alfatina 2 4 Inkoktober Day 4 - Underwater by Alfatina Inkoktober Day 4 - Underwater :iconalfatina:Alfatina 4 10 [Fanart] Mikaela Hyakuya by Alfatina [Fanart] Mikaela Hyakuya :iconalfatina:Alfatina 28 7 Charity Trade Genei by Alfatina Charity Trade Genei :iconalfatina:Alfatina 7 17 [Request] Sylvhem Reference Sheet by Alfatina [Request] Sylvhem Reference Sheet :iconalfatina:Alfatina 2 9 [Art Trade] Neun rain version by Alfatina [Art Trade] Neun rain version :iconalfatina:Alfatina 4 4 [Art Trade] Neun original version by Alfatina [Art Trade] Neun original version :iconalfatina:Alfatina 4 9 Request Alexander Romanov by Alfatina Request Alexander Romanov :iconalfatina:Alfatina 21 14 Fairy Tail chapter 538 by Alfatina Fairy Tail chapter 538 :iconalfatina:Alfatina 10 5


[325] Commission - RednBlack by Luceve13 [325] Commission - RednBlack :iconluceve13:Luceve13 40 4
Draw My OC Contest
Since I really really wanna open an OC Contest, I'm opening it now and would be up until my birthday! (Wow such a long wait :0) 
Long wait is given for people to keep their time to submit their entry and for me to save up for the prizes! I'm looking forward to see such amazing and adorable entries! <3 So go ahead and join! 
P.S If I love your entry so much you can even win arts from me as a gift~ <3 
7300+ points in prizes!!!
1. Draw one or more of my OC's. 
2. You can only draw OCs from this link: except last folder as stated!
4. There is a maximum of 5 entries you can submit! Any entries after the 5 IS NOT INCLUDED! Commission arts I paid for/art trades/request arts cannot be submitted!
:iconmiachan14:MiaChan14 92 147
{C} Kenneth Dowry by Buritsu {C} Kenneth Dowry :iconburitsu:Buritsu 23 25 Hitsugaya Toshiro V1.0 by Shiroho-Art Hitsugaya Toshiro V1.0 :iconshiroho-art:Shiroho-Art 4,896 773 Final Fight by Shiroho-Art Final Fight :iconshiroho-art:Shiroho-Art 2,437 437 Jyuushirou Ukitake - shikai- by hueco-mundo Jyuushirou Ukitake - shikai- :iconhueco-mundo:hueco-mundo 2,702 270 .:helping hand:. by dzioo .:helping hand:. :icondzioo:dzioo 768 210 Ukitake by Rikochka Ukitake :iconrikochka:Rikochka 9 1
The 30 Day OC Drawing Challenge~
Day 1: Bio of at least ONE of your characters
Day 2:Character(s) eating favorite food
Day 3:Character(s) wearing one another clothing
Day 4:Character(s) genderbent
Day 5:Character(s) in pajamas
Day 6:Character(s) cosplaying
Day 7:Character(s) drunk
Day 8:Character(s) in swimwear
Day 9:Character(s) as children
Day 10:Character(s) crying
Day 11:Character(s) arguing
Day 12:Character(s) in a school uniform
Day 13:Character(s) with their dream pet
Day 14:Character(s) OOC (out of character)
Day 15:Character(s) as maids/butler
Day 17:Character(s) as adults
Day 18:Character(s) studying
Day 19:Character(s) angry/upset
Day 20:Character(s) as an animal
Day 21:Character(s) in a short comic strip
Day 22:Character(s) celebrating a holiday (Christmas, valentine's day, ect...)
Day 23:Character(s) taking a bath
Day 24:Character(s) on a sports team
Day 25:Character(s) in your favorite anime/manga theme
Day 26:Character(s) baking/cooking
Day 27:Character(s) sleeping
Day 29
:iconnauticawilliams:NauticaWilliams 610 131
The Countries of Becyn
PHEW. Okay. This is a journal to talk in a bit of detail about the fictional countries in the world where all my characters live. My DA characters are split into two separate stories, but both stories take place in the same world. Of course, I’m not asking anyone to go out of their way to read all this, but I want it to be here if anyone is interested. I tried to keep the country descriptions as short as I could while still containing important information. 
About the Elements
In this world, most humans can command elemental magic. These are the nine standard elements that magic typically takes the form of: Water, ice, fire, wind, lightning, earth, forest, light and darkness. People born in certain countries are more likely to be blessed with the element attributed to that country. However, humans/ creatures born in any country can be born with any of the elements.
:iconburitsu:Buritsu 3 24
Late Christmas Gift - Neon Tree by Buritsu Late Christmas Gift - Neon Tree :iconburitsu:Buritsu 17 29 Ukitake Juushiro by Viconbecon Ukitake Juushiro :iconviconbecon:Viconbecon 58 7
Just sharing a gif for the steps~!
:iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 2,749 116
I Can't Kill Him by AyuMichi-me I Can't Kill Him :iconayumichi-me:AyuMichi-me 649 68 Waves of Nature by Laovaan Waves of Nature :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 9,316 276


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello everyone :D

I'm an artist, and I'm currently on a comic project with two lovely writers. Most of what I will publish here is part of this project :D
I take requests, and I love art trade, so feel free to ask <3

Have a good day :D



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Buritsu Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday 8P

Hopefully you return one day XD
blanccrimes Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018  Student Digital Artist
ahh I love your art!;w; <3
Alfatina Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw thank you <3 <3
And thanks for the watch as well <3 <3
Buritsu Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
calimer00 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017
Thanks a lot for the watch!
Alfatina Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem :3
Your work is amazing ~
Buritsu Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hows it goin' kiddo!! Hope you haven't disappeared for good! >:3
Alfatina Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And... I'm back! Sort of!
Sorry, kind of dropped out of DA for a while, can't say much about it except IRL's life taken an interesting turn xD
I still love you through <3
Buritsu Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! I'm happy to hear from you!!

I hope your RL has taken a good turn and not a bad turn??!! Anyway, I look forward to seeing more from you again if you have time! 8D :hug:
Alfatina Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That quick answer O.O

Honestly more good than bad, but it's impossible to have just on of them. But I'm pretty happy?
I have some times right now! If you wanna? :D
And I wanna hear more about you as well. What's in your life, IRL or online right now? Imma have so much to comment on :D
( And yes! I will be able to see your progress of a few months all in one day! Gonna have some distance with your work :D )
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