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GruvFox for Firefox

GruvFox is a remix of dpcdpc11's Simplify-Darkish-Grey Firefox theme, featuring colors from the Gruvbox color scheme. 
I just edited the code of the userChrome.css, so most of the credit goes to Cristian. Hope you enjoy it ; )
Thanks to my friend jnyandeep who gave me the idea to make this : )

and thanks to niivu for Gruvbox.
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is there one for Chrome/Edge

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afaik there is one.

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it does looks great. how to use it tho?

ps: sorry hurp durp here

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umm.......I don't have a guide, but here's dpcdpc11's one:


- load about:config in the Firefox address bar, then search for toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets and set it to True by double-clicking the "Value" column.

- now go to your profile folder. You can do it like this: load about:support in your Firefox address bar and click on the "Open Folder" button next to "Profile Folder" label.

- if no "chrome" folder exists there, please create one.

- now copy the included userChrome.css and userContent.css files to that "chrome" folder.

- make sure you use the Default Firefox theme and the Compact Density in the Customize settings for best results.

- restart Firefox and enjoy!

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thank you very much :D

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Nice one! Glad you managed to find my work useful ;)

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Welcome. Credits go to you for the amazing darkish themes =)

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