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my bandung trip experience 12

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I really love the expressive colors here. They just pop out of the pic! Nice...
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ooooo, i love the colours here, great pic! :)
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wow. this one's fantastic. you hear me? fantastic.
i love practically everything about it.
first thing i love: the colors. even in the small view, one can see that the colors just go perfectly together.
second thing that i love: the blurs. it adds a bit of... uncertainty and also dynamic to the photo. like ghosts, ghosts of past or another life, esp. the man in black on the right
third thing that i love: it's a bit out of focus, looks like grainy. it's like a fine ambient noise, it adds distance and makes the viewer wanna go there. that's one of my favorites
fourth thing that i love: the people. it's unbelievable how well one can see the emotions in this photo and how well they match the a)colors, the b)blurs and the c)diffuse optics. i especially like the couple in the center, the woman in red on the right and the people who turn to look after one of the blurred figures on the stairs. great.
fifth thing i love: the light at the top. it's the nicest color in the picture.
okay, here's the critics. you know it already. but i tell it again: please, please never name a work again "my bandung trip experience 12". if you only read the title, would you ever look at it? (if you hadn't been to bandung yourself). put a little work in that. it's important.
great, great work! keep on doing that!
mb (this time)
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lol... thank you very much.. yes im always give unworthed title to my work... hehehe i'm sorry.. any suggestion of the title? thanks...
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sorry i can't do that for you... but i'm sure you'll think of something! :)