Alpha Luna resumes! For now (April 2016).

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Hi guys, wolves and girls.
I'm not gonna beat around the bush. Luna will be back for the month of April which already started and then I'll update you on whatever I'll skip next mont or not. I'm trying to make things right for now and not making false promises that I won't be able fulfill. One step at a time.

At least 4 AL Pages month.

And for Patreon at 4 AL Chronicles Pages of "Collie's Spirit" (7 total so far),  At least 2 new transformation pages of "Beta Collie" (A side "what if" Story) plus regular HD pages content for any supporter bu the start of the next month, plus sketches.

That's about it , keep it up and howling :)

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Hey, que tal. Solo quería decirte que yo vi los cómics en tu otra página y lei también lo que pasó, lamentó mucho lo que pasó y espero que estés bien, yo sé que esto puede parecer raro para ti escuchar lo cual soy alguien nuevo en tu página pero yo soy una persona que le gusta conocer y hacer amigos ^^; en fin solo espero que estés bien y sigas con los cómics que se ven buenos 👍🏻
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bookmarked to read for later.
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Sweet I can't wait to see Luna kick ass and chew off that guys face. LOL
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Sorry for leaving three comments but this is literally the best possible thing I could've seen before going to bed XD.
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Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work ^.^
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YES YES YES YES *huggies*

Sorry if I got a little overexcited... *scratches neck*
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Awesome sauce! Cannot wait to see more :heart:
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Awesome to hear bro! Can't wait to see the continued adventures of Luna ;).  
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