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Beta Collie page 19 (End)

I hope you liked it! If that's the case and  would you like to support my work and content? I remind you that you can always get a better version of BC with sketches, unused drawings, and high-quality pages here:

Also, my Patreon is currently active where I am publishing exclusive AL comics chronicles! While I also prepare myself for the future of AL (

But this does not end here, I will bring something special related to Beta-Collie!

Thank you in advance!



First page :…

ESPAÑOL: Versión de la página en español acá:…
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Continue this please!!!!

321NeoHero's avatar

I think there should be a sequel.

Laugh That last panel.

JasonVoorheesfurry's avatar

Ah a funny end. I loved this mini-comic :D

Jiloscain's avatar

You have always done the best werewolf comics out there on the internet.....thank you for all your hard word!

marillon954's avatar

I really loved this comic! :D

alfaluna's avatar
marillon954's avatar

De nada, amigo! ^^ I'm really curious about the surprise you were talking about!

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check my twitter @alphalunanet

I absolutely wouldn’t mind this being canon~.
alfaluna's avatar

Me neither? :p

This comic have a sequel?

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y aun falta lo peor... es Lunes XD

L-MASTER's avatar

ya sabes el chiste de los Lunes

que después de un buen fin de semana toca otros cinco días de trabajo

así que ademas de que es una loba también es Lunes

skywriter33's avatar

At least it ended on a good note.

On that front...?

MOAR. :)

justagamer21's avatar

Another question. Is the tail that Collie has in one of the bottom panels permanent?

alfaluna's avatar

Tomorrow I'l add more info on the "future" of this series.

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yay moar wulf Collie?

justagamer21's avatar

That's probably what he's saying.

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