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Beta Collie page 13



First page :…

ESPAÑOL: Versión de la página en español acá:…
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Wolfmangamer1's avatar

wow she really looks like a feral werewolf

alfaluna's avatar
Because she is one , now xp (almost)
Enterprise-1701-A's avatar
marillon954's avatar

Poor Collie! Although, she's turning into a beautiful werewolfess, I'm worried for her!

Terence98's avatar

Ella es lo suficiente fuerte como para no perder contra si misma. Hasta ahora no se ha desmayado por el dolor

DW13-COMICS's avatar

Eventually, Humans are the dominant species, therefore the dominant intellect. And since intelligence overpowers deficiency, then technically one cannot "Lose Themselves" unless given by choice. But what do I know; I'm just some guy. =p

alfaluna's avatar

The sky is blue, therefore anything that is blue is freedom, and since freedom is the ultimate goal, then technically you can't be free because you can't fly.

DW13-COMICS's avatar

Well, the grass is usually green and that also means freedom too, ay? :B

But wait... man has already flown before; we have the Wright Bros to thank for that. :lol:

L-MASTER's avatar

mas o menos los mismo que pasa después de la pubertad XD

Dst105's avatar
It’s been a while since I read this, but I don’t remember this part.
Devianary2665's avatar
Will you be making this in color to?
TheMercenary04's avatar


pesado pero genial

flipperfire113's avatar
I’m hoping things will go well
JasonVoorheesfurry's avatar

D8 No Collie!

Someone do something :v

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