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Beta Collie page 11



First page :…

ESPAÑOL: Versión de la página en español acá:…
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DegenerateSendHelp's avatar

Walked right into an American Werewolf in London scene right there, she did.

JasonVoorheesfurry's avatar

Awwww poor vulnerable puppy

skywriter33's avatar
Terence98's avatar

O soy yo o todos excepto collie son un "poco" temperalmentales?

Y viendo a Collie, puedo confirma que su forma de lobo es my diferente a Luna o Fang, es como forma "bestia" que heliotroph describió hace mucho pero en más pequeño...

¿Este era el spoiler?

marillon954's avatar

Nice strike, Luna!

L-MASTER's avatar

pudo usar mejores palabras XDDD

Devianary2665's avatar
Omg I love this so far, keep it up! 👍
alfaluna's avatar
Wolfmangamer1's avatar

i guess she is turning into a feral werewolf yea?

swack16's avatar

She so furry and huggable death

Wolfmangamer1's avatar

at least luna knows now but poor guy to keep her secret

StoneMan85's avatar

So out of curiosity, is she changing in the main story or is this a What If scenario?

Immamoonkin's avatar

IIRC, this was from a few years ago, and it was a what-if scenario that people had to pay for at some point.

Enterprise-1701-A's avatar

Luna likes what she sees?

alfaluna's avatar

I don't think so :P

Elmind's avatar

Quite ironic, when I asked for Luna's reaction and get it not long after the question.

alfaluna's avatar

I told you so :P

kanyiko's avatar

Last frame: Luna.exe just crashed.>.>

TheMercenary04's avatar


Luna y Fang confirmados como parejas que discuten

a si espero que Luna pueda ayudar a Collie

buen trabajo 0w0

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