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Safe by Sunset: [R1] Chapter 3 END

Safe by Sunset Round One Chapter 3 By the time Hissy made it back to a clear pathway she was exhausted. She relaxed her sore coil muscles only when she was completely certain the scents she could taste on the ground were from fleeing Eremilians, as opposed to more unnecessarily violent birds. She recognized the now-stale scent of the rat and not-rat friends she had made the previous day and knew she was on the track to safety. She sighed. “Oh, Hissy so tired… Hissy wishes that frog lady was here to carry Hissy again…” “H-Hissy? Is that you?” Hissy let out the loudest gasp she could muster as she turned to see two figures step out of the foliage. One Hissy did not recognize: a stout little rodent with strange red hair. She looked a bit annoyed as she rubbed mud off a green piece of fabric she wore. The other was none other than Dutchess herself! “Frog!!!!” Hissy squealed and slithered swiftly up to her. When she approached, she realized the poor white creature was coated


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