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Maybe you should come relax up here with me instead?

Style experiment featuring the ever lovely Linda! I've gotten a lot of motivation to draw her recently, and even more-so when I got some encouraging comments about her. Sometimes it baffles me to learn other people enjoy my characters as much as I do.

Originally this was going to be one of those screenshot experiments, and while it still retains some of it, I forked over the idea to go all out with the effects, subtitles, etc. since I was too pleased with how the whole piece came out. I'll experiment with that some other time! This was lined traditionally with a mechanical pencil and colored in Clip Studio.

Anyway, Linda, just lounging around on a Dr. Suess alien tree. I like to think she's talking to Harlie who's probably working far too hard at something, like always.
Tweaked her design ooonly slightly this go around. Added another smaller layer of tail feathers onto her because it felt more natural and bird-like. Her previous design made drawing extremely difficult somehow. Also the display feathers got bigger. Much bigger. I have a feeling they will constantly grow when I draw her and never settle. Also her ears got tinier because it's cuter! Unseen too, we decided Rozenich only have 3 fingers and a thumb to be more consistent with their toes.

I like to draw people resting in trees.

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Omg...this character is such a beautiful thing @//@; She is probably really fun to draw for you XD