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The Selection - Prologue page 1

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Surprise surprise THE NEW PROLOGUE IS HERE!
For anyone confused, this takes place at the VERY BEGINNING of the story. Specifically, 15 years BEFORE the start of Chapter 1. The old prologue was really outdated and I needed to redo it desperately. So his is now the true canon prologue! I hope it clears a lot of things up and sets the mood for the story as a whole.

There's a lot of things to say about this so I'll dump them in nice pretty bullet points:
• New rendering method. Cleaned up pencil lines instead of ink lines. Tell me whatcha think!
• I rewrote this stupid thing over the course of like 5+ years. This is the last variation I finally got happy with. Even it got reworked 3-4 times total.
• The Wise Elders are finally shown wowie zowie! Some fun things about this: originally the elders were very regal, almost spirit-like people. Like they were extremely in-tune with the spirits and were almost god-like in themselves. I totally killed that because I like the idea of the elders being thought to be super important cool people when in reality they are just normal people who happen to be really old and slightly more spiritual than your average joe. Normal old people that sometimes have self-righteous issues. There's a few complexities that go into becoming an elder more than just "you're old now" but that's not really important to divulge in.

There will be 6 pages total (5 1/2 technically) and I will post them twice a week for 3 weeks, every Monday and Friday. Stay tuned~

Note on Critique for this Prologue:
Normally I'm totally open to critique on everything pertaining to this comic. This prologue, however, I am asking no critique on. It's less about me not wanting to hear anything negative and more about me having spent such a painfully long time on it that I'm currently just not open to hearing it. I would rather wait until the dust settles, that way I can be more open to it. Right now I'm far too caught up in the idea "It's finally done, I'm so happy!" that if I hear anything negative I'm not going to take it well. I'm only being honest. This rarely happens with me and my work, so please respect that for the time being! I would appreciate it!


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:bulletred: Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors/size inconsistencies

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Y'know, the concept of this was already weird to me as a kid, but rereading now as an adult, it's just so creepy to see a bunch of old people sitting around planning on forcing literal infants into marriages with people several times their senior, for these adults to walk into a room with, again, literal infants, and say "I'm gonna have children with this one."

in short im going to take a chainsaw to these old people.

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Wow, this is beautiful :woohoo: I always admired your designs for the Ambivian architecture and all the creativity with their culture, this is a pure joy to read updated, both storywise and visually :la: The original was my first introduction to online comics, and I just love it soooo much! This is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you have changed! :la:
AlfaFilly's avatar
Aww thank you so much!
I definitely have been trying to get better at my architecture lately. It'll take awhile for me to hone it in, but I like to think I'm getting there! Especially since I only seriously started doing it within the last 2 years!
And I'm still amazed my comic was the first ;n; I'm happy you stuck around since then!
Falcolf's avatar
This is so intriguing! Looking great so far, Filly! :D
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thank you! I'm very glad you think so :D
KuraisCreatures's avatar
OwO -Vibrates excitedly- Ohhh I can't wait to learn more on this.
AlfaFilly's avatar
I'm excited to see how people react!! :la:
Ad---Astra's avatar
IT HAS ARRIVED. I'm loving it so far, can't wait till Friday!! Will it have a cover done as well? I honestly still love the one you did with Federico.
AlfaFilly's avatar
I have been pondering on cover ideas but nothing has stuck yet! I'd like to maybe have a simple one, or a cover for the story in general. MAYBE SOON.
Hiddenfaithy's avatar
Ahhh! Very exciting to see! My only question is why it says "Chapter 2" on the bottom of the page but still says it's page 1? It really looks awesome though, can't wait for more
AlfaFilly's avatar
Ooh! That's a good catch! I musta forgot to edit that from the template I use! Thanks <3 I'll fix that real quick!
Hiddenfaithy's avatar
^.^ It was a small slip up, happy to help!
Nothofagus-obliqua's avatar
Shall the children suffer!
And oooh, can't wait to see the rest f the prologue, this is already looking really interesting ^^ I especially enjoy the variation in scenery you're using, it's a sweet and appealing welcome to the world of these characters, and the variation of angles is super rich and appealing. 
I'm also really enjoying the grayscale work! it's very effectively done, and you're also making me try it =3
AlfaFilly's avatar
Ahh I'm very glad you said that!! I really wanted the environments of the prologue to give you a sense of it. Since my aliens aren't really techy or sci-fi, I struggle to make it seem like a different culture. So I'm glad it worked for you ^^
Grayscale is fun!! It's like... super challenging for me because values are my weak point. But it does help a bit!
Ramvling's avatar
I just want to say this page looks great, and I'm really excited to see the rest of the prologue.

Its really admirable how you never give up on this world and this story. 2008-2017 is a lot of years, yo. I hope that this didn't read as sarcastic because its super genuine but sometimes it hard to convey things over the internet. Anyways, again, can't wait for the rest.
AlfaFilly's avatar
Ahh thank you!

Yes, I absolutely refuse to give up on it! I have a lot of struggles with it sometimes because my interests always change. That's usually why I have a second project alongside this comic to keep me from just giving up/getting burnt out. I mean, I like TS, it's just hard sometimes. I hope one day I can focus on it full time after I get out of college. Sooon...
Ayemae's avatar
Looks gorgeous, lassie! I love the animals on the columns, great touch! *v*
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thank ya!! Those columns were such a pain so I'm glad they read well. c:
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
This is off to a promising start. ^^
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you think so!
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
You're welcome, Alfa. :)
Camadian-Leah's avatar
Aaaaah it's like finding this story all over again!!! I'm very excited to see the new start :D
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