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The Selection - Chapter 3

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    As Kailani settles into her new life, she is determined to peel back the veil of mystery hovering over her new husband. In her search for answers, she may uncover a history unexpected, a relatable force, and, perhaps, some realizations she never intended to find. Likewise, Federico may find himself reliving a time he once thought best to remain buried.

Ohhhhhh it time again! This chapter is going to be a fun one. It'll be a bit tonally shifted from the previous two with a little bit more emphasis on serious concepts than the general back and forth goofiness, but there will still be plenty of laughs too!

All I can say, is it's been 11 years but you'll finally learn a thing or two about our couple, especially our big tall boy. Lenny wink 01
Who in dat photo hmmmmmmmmmmm


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:bulletpurple: Favorite part: Had a lot of fun experimenting with colors here!
:bulletpurple: Least Favorite part: I hate drawing books

:bulletred: Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors
-I can't draw books. Who can't draw books?! Wtf.

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Why do I feel like this is going to be an intense chapter?

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This is probably one of my favorite comic covers I've ever seen! I just love the potential in it, and how you did the lighting. Lil Feddy looks so nervous aha! 
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thank yooou I'm glad! I really liked the idea of it when I concepted it like 4 years ago PFF I'm glad I didn't forget it XD
Nothofagus-obliqua's avatar
I'm so looking forwards to the new pages!! :D really excited already. I was missing this comic! :heart:  and this is such a neato cover. I predict juicy drama! 
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thank you aahhh!! I hope it will be worth it :heart:
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The photograph-- ripped, parts lost, stuck back together with cheap glue-- is a feeling many of us are familiar with. What a great touch! I'm excited to see where this chapter takes Kai and Federico, as they ease into their new life together and start unpacking the baggage they carry into it. 

This cover design is excellent, I really like your use of color and the scrawling, alien text. Does the book to the left translate to anything specific? 🤔
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thank you kindly! I put a lot of attention into the photograph quality to make sure it was clear, so I'm glad it worked!

Nah, while I had started knowing what the books were (the right one is theories on more power-efficient space engines and the left one is another unspecified theoretical religious text) I didn't come up with any sorta alphabet and just scribbles letters roughly based on titles (which I can't remember now, as they were just used as a reference point for spacing). I based a lot of the shapes on Arabic script, though! But they aren't duplicating any characters.
Ribbontail's avatar
Oh that's cool, thanks for the answer! It's a good-looking little script, and details like that really help with the immersion. =D
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Oooooo! That's one intriguing cover, Filly, I can't wait! 😁 Loving your logo/typography stuff for The Selection by the way!
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thank you so much :heart: I have been trying to improve my logos and type the best I can when I can!
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Ooooh. Time for chapter 3! :D
AlfaFilly's avatar
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A battered photo in a cracked frame, a ghost of a memory from a lifetime ago, or so it might seem...
demiphoibus's avatar
we're gonna learn more about his family, it seems.... i'm excited!!
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OH SNAP! It's like a plot-teasing image within a plot-teasing image (that is itself an image!)

...And I see it is now revealed Feddy retained his adorable awkward expressions from his youth!
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Ooo! Theological Studies of the Present, my favorite! ...oh and something called "The Selection", that's neat too I guess. 

For real though this is a great cover and I'm immediately intrigued. Your attention to detail is amazing in not just the photo's contents but the photo itself, that horizontal crease in the middle is's such a small thing but it adds so much to the age and condition of the photo. 
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fedd y... my b aby boy...
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he 2 kewt 4 dis world
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I’m sure that photo is completely happy and doesn’t have any sad memories attached to it at all!
AlfaFilly's avatar
Of course! It looks like it's been well loved and cherished! Nothing bad could come from it!
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