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The Selection - Ch3 page 16

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... So they're not friends either? DAMNIT. *throws phone to the ground and stomps on it* 

Some people had some minor confusions last page on who the current queen is, which is understandable since she hasn't been shown in awhile! Queen Matieka is the current queen, while Queen Vilthuril was the previous ruler, and Matieka's mother. Vilthuril is deceased. The best way to remember the difference physically-speaking, is Matieka is BIG STRONK MEAN WOMANT. 

They are also visually compared here, alongside Matieka's daughter Princess Nelthilta:
TS Ask 07: Queen Vilthuril by AlfaFilly

Also minor thing but, I sometimes will draw Federico's tongue flicking out like this page, and a couple pages back. This is a trait of his species, and is just something I never drew much of in the past...? For some reason? He does it more frequently when nervous or agitated as a sort of anxious tic but may do it at any given time, really. Sheski are vaguely based on snakes so it is a sensory thing. Just so no one thinks he's just being a freak. But also probably that too.


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:bulletpurple: Favorite panel: 3
:bulletpurple: Least Favorite panel: 1 cause it's just an arm, yo 

:bulletred: Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors and size inconsistencies. 

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sring-griffinHobbyist Digital Artist

Love the fact you still do this comic. Keeps me coming back to DA and fills my cold heart with warmth lol.

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I'm so glad!! <33

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tboltHobbyist Artist

Interesting, playing the blame game... and Federico is caught in the middle...

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Explains why he likes to be a hermit I suppose!

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absolutezeroesProfessional Digital Artist

Dang son Feddy goes deep.

I really like this page?? The panel shots are very nice! :dummy:

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Thanks!! It is definitely a simple but nicer one, I think :la:

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UltaHobbyist Digital Artist

This just in. Feddy's 'I'm agitated' tell is forked tongue wiggles.

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There is no fake news here!!

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CayshaxHobbyist General Artist
Shes trying so hard to be positive. Asking all the wrong questions.

Hey what about-
No that was bad too

Well what ab-
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She needs to think of the WORST thing possible to ask, so all the other things will seem less bad comparatively!

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stories-of-heroesHobbyist Digital Artist

Oof that got heavy T^T

Interesting to learn more about this world's royalty tho!

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There shall be more! Always more!

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AwesomeFoxgirl02 Artisan Crafter
I really hope that he will be ok
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