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The Selection - Ch3 page 15

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FAQ: [link]

Queen Vilthuril. 
She's dead. 
And they didn't even get to be friends :c

Had a LOT of fun experimenting on this page! I am extremely happy with it! 


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:bulletpurple: Favorite panel: all of it 
:bulletpurple: Least Favorite panel: Mmm probably the one with them arguing 

:bulletred: Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors and size inconsistencies. 
-The balloons. I tried. lol

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DrakfungusHobbyist General Artist


The composition is great, absolute eye candy.

Matieka must have gotten most of her looks from her father I suppose?

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Thanks so much!! ;v;

And yes, you would be right! She got several traits from Vilthuril, namely her markings placement/shapes, but her color palette (more natural tones) was mostly from her father.

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stories-of-heroesHobbyist Digital Artist

Beautiful page!! 8O

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Thank you!! <3

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tboltHobbyist Artist

Now there's an interesting bit of lore, and I can see why Federico is a little nervous about it...

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AskNightstormAndOCs Digital Artist

Isn't she the one queen lady or am I just stupid and forgot her name?

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No, the current queen is Matieka! She is the daughter of this character :) Easy to forget, though, since she hasn't appeared in awhile :D This is a comparison of them (plus Princess Nelthilta):

TS Ask 07: Queen Vilthuril
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AskNightstormAndOCs Digital Artist

Like currently queen-

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MalimarTheMageProfessional General Artist
Well now I'm scared of Vilthuril... 😨
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At least she’s dead and can’t hurt you! Lol

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MalimarTheMageProfessional General Artist
I thought she was the one doing the killing
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Nah in the text (abridged):

“She didn’t follow the rules”

”Were people ok with that?”


Insinuates she was killed due to her lack of cooperation. It’s also her hand in the last panel but understandable you can’t tell since it’s uncolored! Maybe I can edit in a bracelet for purer clarity lol

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MalimarTheMageProfessional General Artist

I saw the bracelet (necklace?) held by the hand and thought it was hers, but that the panel above it was Vilthuril being confronted by another character, and I inferred that this character had snatcher her necklace/bracelet in a fight.

I interpreted the "no" as Vilthuril taking that as incentive to kill those who were not "ok" with her decision.

Also, Vilthuril's overall center-stage, large-scale pose on the page coupled with her intimidating demeanor made me think she was hardcore enough to kill any opposition politically speaking. That and the fact that Feddy's still here and alive and in power, something I thought her opposition would've retracted on.

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Nah, it says Vilthuril gave him his status and power (and they are shown holding hands) so it’s not really a threat if she gave it to him willingly. An interesting interpretation tho!

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MalimarTheMageProfessional General Artist

I meant, that if they were willing to kill Vilthuril for giving Feddy status and power, you'd think they'd at least retract that same power after they'd killed her, or at worst also kill Feddy.

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OHHH!! Ok I see what you mean!! Well that is something plot related I cannot explain, unfortunately, but you’re onto the right track coincidentally~

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HeartSproutHobbyist General Artist

ooooh intrigue!

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TristikovProfessional Digital Artist

Favorite panel: All of it 100 Percent %% Emoji Side Eyes Emoji Sweat Drop Emoji

(I think the balloons look great too!)

Also, Feddy confirmed to have designed the Death Star.

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If he can design the Death Star what ELSE can he craft???

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