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The Selection - Ch2 page 35

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FAQ: [link]

Vernil relieves Bluebell so she can talk some sweet sweet gossip!
But oh no, Feddy does not look happy about something...

Wow, could this be a page... on schedule? Miracle!
Also, Feddy's office! Holy cow, I've wanted to show this office for years. I modelled it (well, and all of Federico's palace) off of modern interior design. Basic and simple and... square. Feddy is a neat man with simple needs. Which conveniently makes my life easier oh snaaap.

How many of you guys have noticed the minor changes yet?


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:bulletpurple: Favorite panel: 3
:bulletpurple: Least Favorite panel: 4 (I redrew Feddy and Vernil like 3 times ugh)

:bulletred: Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors/size inconsistencies
-Feddy's beautiful weird paneled art (?) wall. Because you're jealous you don't have that.

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Today alone, Federico has listened to and had to answer to more questions than he probably did in the entire month, haha. Poor bby. 
By the way, the interaction between the girls is so incredibly sweet and warming! :heart:
And, this may be a weird thinf to point out, but those bricks in panel 2 look just so neat? sometimes I really get caought up looking at details like that.... they look so organic and appealing despite the fact they're jsut bricks :')

Fantastic expressions and environments, as always! ^^ Feddy looks so blue, I wonder what's on his mind!
AlfaFilly's avatar
He best get used to it, I'm sure Kailani has plenty of ammo to shoot at him!

AHH, thank you thought! :heart: I'm glad you're enjoying the interactions and also my little details like the bricks! I try to put in little details or touches when I can. I'm always improving, but I'm glad it works as-is.
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I wander if Freddy is having second thoughts.
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renhob27's avatar
Very cool comics. 😁😁
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has feddy always had those long tassles on his ears
either that's new or i'm losing it 

though i just noticed he's plantigrade not digitigrade in the year of our lord 2018 so i am apparently not the most observant person jfdklsajfd
AlfaFilly's avatar
Sometimes you just don't see them often because they are tucked behind him! So maybe that's why XD (That and Feddy hasn't really appeared that much when you think about it)
Yesterlove's avatar
fjdsklajfd WOW i am unobservant 
i like his ear tassles tho theyre cute!
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Favorite Panel: 3
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MidBlueViolet's avatar
What's on your mind, Freddy? :P
AlfaFilly's avatar
A lot, clearly!
absolutezeroes's avatar
Feddy is so me after a long day of work LOL. Mm MMMM I just love how these newer pages are looking! Dat woodgrain flooring!!
AlfaFilly's avatar
Imagine Feddy working on Staples PFFF
I'm glad though!! Thanks 8D
xLugiaLuver1x's avatar
Your use of perspective is really nice, filly. And colors ;v; I gotta go back and read all of this xD I've been putting it off

Ever think of hosting it on Tapas or another site? (Unless you do and I've just been oblivious again xD)
AlfaFilly's avatar
Ahh, thank you ;v; I keep trying to make these pages as easy as possible, but sometimes I gotta do some hard perspectives and I gotta push through it.

Nah, I don't want to use Tapas anymore because there's a lot of bad rumors going on about them (namely that they play favorites) but I'm planning to host on my own site eventually! I mostly wanna make sure I'm putting up a good pace for uploads first.
xLugiaLuver1x's avatar
I can understand that one xD

No, they definitely play favorites *feels the hurt* I mostly just use Tapas to keep a copy of all my comics in one place for easy sharing access xD And I've had good responses from ComicFury if you want to check them out!
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"It's that I wanted to play candy crush with her."
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He should hang out with Kacey instead.
LadyxChrii's avatar
could it be he misses her?
AlfaFilly's avatar
Anything is possible!
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