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The Selection - Ch2 page 34

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Feddy is back home! Took you long enough, son.

After 2,000 years, TS returns! And there are changes! Again! I'll let you guys figure out what they are so I won't bore you.

Got a buffer of 6 updates ready for launch! If you'd like to check out my progress and want to help support me, don't forget about my Patreon! As of today, the next page is already up for $10+ folks, and the remaining will be completed and posted within the week! Flats are available for $3+ too! Which is basically the completed page without the text and THE FANCY RETURN OF SHADING! $15+ already saw thumbnails for the next batch of pages, and will be getting some juicy scripts and stuff soon~

So, yes. Updates will be every-other Wednesday for as long as I can keep it up! With hope, I can progress to once a week sometime. We'll see! I'm excited and I hope you guys are too!


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:bulletpurple: Favorite panel: 2
:bulletpurple: Least Favorite panel: 4

:bulletred: Personal Crits (ones I'd prefer you not mention):
-Perspective errors/size inconsistencies
-Feddy's stupid pants. They're so stupid, Feddy, why.

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Nothofagus-obliqua's avatar
You know Feddy may be huge and look kind of intimidating, but he's also kind of cute too :') hhhngh I'm so happy to be seeing new pages :heart: your coloring style just keeps gettig better and better, and so does your expressivity!
Very nice balance of positive and negative spaces, too ^^
AlfaFilly's avatar
He's big and a little scary but he's just a big marshmallow on the inside!
Thank you!! I'm finally beginning to find a good balance for my coloring... it's still tricky for me, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely!
absolutezeroes's avatar
Lookit how smooth she is hinting that she needs another driver's help! Like hahahah Lord Feddy wouldn't it be something if we had another chauffeur hahahhahha >8I

ALSO ALIEN ELEVATORS HELLO how many floors does their mansion have?!

The perspective looks great in the panels too! :D
AlfaFilly's avatar
Silly Feddy, there are more people than just you who need driving around now-a-days! Don't be selfish!

Actually only 3 + a "basement" (it's ground level but it's under the palace still so pff)

Thank ya! :D

Francis362003's avatar
Last panel. Could be the last words out of her mouth.
AlfaFilly's avatar
Perhaps if Federico was a big meanie! lol
bonsha's avatar

Really glad your continuing this comic. :)
AlfaFilly's avatar

Me too! I'm happy to finally have time to continue it!
tbolt's avatar
Makes sense, two cars need two drivers... =^^=
AlfaFilly's avatar
Unless one of them is controlled by a drone remotely! That's possible and totally safe I'm sure! ^^
tbolt's avatar
Of course, I don't suppose Kailini has a driver's license? =^^=
AwesomeFoxgirl02's avatar
Now this is getting very interesting to see that 🌟.

i am impressed and so excited to see the next page right now 🌟.
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thank you!!
I hope you like the new pages when they come out :blush:
AwesomeFoxgirl02's avatar
You are very welcome , my friend 💫.

Now That sound so excited to heard that ⭐️.

I will wish you good luck with your amazing comic book story pages 🌟.
ChimericMachinations's avatar

also man I still love Bluebell so much.
AlfaFilly's avatar
Bluebell is a national treasure
Tristikov's avatar
It's happening! La la la la  So awesome to see the story continuing!
AlfaFilly's avatar
At long last! :iconexcitedlaplz: I'm happy too!
stories-of-heroes's avatar
Yay a new page! And it looks great ^^
Can't wait to see what happens next 
AlfaFilly's avatar
Thank you so much!! I'm happy to be back!
Wow, comparing to the previous page that's a HUGE improvement!!
I really love the atmoshere btw! :la: I kinda missed TS..
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