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Wowie buildings? Scenery? Perspective? Madness!
This was one of two finals for my Environments, Props, and Structures class!

This piece isn't perfect by any means and was colored using a super rough brush to speed things up (the project didn't have to be colored, we could do it only if we wanted). It was also done in a method I wasn't used to so it's very quick and dirty. I thought it was just clean enough to post up, though. The picture in its entirety took about 2 weeks from pre-planning to finish. If you'd like to see the process of how this was completed, check it out here! [link]

And even though it's not perfect, I'd still like some critique on it! So if you see anything, feel free to say so, regardless if I'm aware of it or not. I'm putting on the critique button, but you can critique in the regular comments too!

And wow, also presenting for those not following my Tumblr the last year, a new alien world with AU characters! They are a collaborated race by myself and :iconstupidshepherd:. These will be the race that will "replace" my old characters (I hate to say "replace" because I still care deeply about their old versions for sentimental reasons, but it's the best way to really put it). We've been working on them for over a year now, and they are still in heavy development but there's enough solid stuff to start posting.

Below is some context for the image and info on the species! Read only if you want! If not, you can skip it!
Rozenich live on a very diverse planet environmentally--not unlike Earth--but in the case of the main characters, they live in a very dense foresty area. It's not to the vastness of a tropical rain forest, but not your typical backyard woods either. Trees are usually extremely tall (much taller than presented here) and vary in being extremely dense to more spaced out with more open clearings. It's also warm temperature wise, ranging in the high 80's on average.

Rozenich are a primitive race, currently in something akin to a Neolithic phase. They do not have technology of any sort, they are very nature-oriented, and barter, scavenge, and trade for items and necessities. They tend to have "flocks" but not necessarily villages; they form communities but may live as neighbors or in solidarity, only choosing to have contact with others when needing to trade. Their homes are crudely built of whatever they can find lying around and typically built in trees. They do have buildings built on the ground, like those pictured, but they have no residential function. Instead they can be used to store property, tools, or livestock. Commonly, trading businesses will be in these sorts of buildings. Their homes in the trees are usually decorated inside with very dazzling shiny items they happen to find, like pretty feathers, stones, and gems.

Much like Neolithic humans, despite being very primitive they have an insanely impressive ability to build things with what little they have. It's extremely common to see shrines, henges, and buildings made of heavy stones that take some crazy organization and intelligence  to build. They are also very clever in problem solving with their limited resources.

Then came the second race; the kurri are a race on the opposite end of the spectrum, being much more advanced. A small quantity of kurri came to the rozenich planet in search of resources for use in curing diseases and illnesses afflicting their race, and stayed because of their attraction to the peculiar raptor people. Fast forward to "present day" some several decades later, the kurri have made certain to not infiltrate the rozenich culture too deeply, restraining their location to only one primary area as to avoid tainting the entire race's development, but have settled down to further their research. For the rozenich surrounding them, they are curious and eager to learn about their alien immigrants, but still retain their primitive culture, only few "converting" to the more advanced luxuries of the kurri.

With this context out of the way, the picture! I really wanted to show a juxtaposition of the rozenich versus the kurri in their structures. Kurri have architecture that is very sleek, bright, and sharp. Rozenich are very toned down and organic. Funny considering rozenich themselves are quite bright while kurri are very naturally colored!

Also pictured are some characters: George, Linda, Harlin, Keyona, Audrey, and Picard. Their designs are not accurate as they haven't been finalized yet, but they're there! Audrey is showing off his display to some children, who are trying to mimic him. Too bad Audrey doesn't know that showing your display to children isn't appropriate in all cultures... but Picard is too mesmerized to stop him. (Displaying is either used for attracting a partner or intimidating others. So think of it as either flirting or getting up in someone's face for a fight; in Audrey's culture, however, displaying is a means of showing off, so it's much more innocent)

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This has to be one of the most unique landscapes I've ever seen. With your well-thought out and deep description it's obvious you've spent time and effort to construct the world in which this piece occurs. The colors are vibrant and communicative of a simple joy the characters are experiencing. Speaking of the characters, each one is unique and readily recognizable from one another. The presence of smaller details such as each individual "eye" on the tail feathers or stripes on the tail of the two on the distant branch give us a sense of scale and distance. Other details like the shadows enhance that sense of scale. However upon close inspection one can see that the perspective is not entirely consistent. The initial triangular building's angle seems slightly off as compared to the others as does the angle of the add-on attached to the tree house on the left. Furthermore while the colors are vibrant many feel unnatural or do not seem to fit in. The juxtaposition of a modern building surrounded by antiquated huts is interesting and plays with the eye.

Overall it's well done but remains a little unpolished. Keep up the good work!