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Out of the Silent Planet Book Cover



The Portfolio reign continues! Oh the horror!

The second big piece I created for my Portfolio. This one is based off of my second favorite book Out of the Silent Planet in C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy. It presented a lot of challenges for a variety of reasons. For one, the world is very alien in nature that was difficult to convey. The waves were especially problematic to make look convincing since they were described as being very tall.

The characters shown are Ransom (the main human character), his alien companion Hyoi a hross, the giant aquatic creature they fight later on called a hnakra, and in the far background the sorn aliens and Ransom's 2 kidnappers, along with their strange orb ship.

This took a lot of thought and contemplation, along with a ton of researching and some artistic liberties. Altogether I am extremely proud of this piece!

Again, as per request of my teacher, the piece was printed out and wrapped around a physical book, then propped and photographed. The prints had different colors compared to the actual file but I actually like them both equally. They are different in two different ways. The paper texture feels super nice too! Thanks to AlfaShampoo-Artemis for printing it for me! :heart:

More Portfolio work is to come in the future! Especially to prove why I've been absent for so long. TS updates will pursue soon I swear!

Enjoy~ :la:
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Out of the Silent Planet is one of my favorite songs by Iron maiden… My brother's a big Iron Maiden fan and I hear their songs a lot. They often base their songs on stories and historical events.