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Labyrinth: Round Two P.1




:iconversusplz: :iconfelis-licht:'s Pascal and Jiru!

A COMIC? Don't get too excited. This is just for one part! Cause AHA like I have time to comic this, even as a collab.
This actually took 2000 years to do, not because it was time consuming, but because I kept putting it off to work on priority things like TS. And then... my thumb tendonitis flared up again. Because of course it did.

Anyway! Honestly the only reason I initially made this is cause few really care about the written portion of our rounds, and I wanted folks to be able to enjoy a piece of our characters (because I rather like them) so a comic would make for a more consumable experience, even if for only a taste. Also because I was fueled on butthurt (hey, least I'm being honest!). Despite that being my motivation, I ended up enjoying it a lot more than just that, and ended up making it an experimental piece! I based it heavily on the method of digital-only comicing I did on this work: 
Daddy's Girl by AlfaFilly Except playing with some textured brushes, paneling, and some slightly rule-breaking balloon types. So I like it for a lot more than its original intention!

That being said, I hope you enjoy it, and that it might give you an itchin' to read the actual rounds. If not, I hope you enjoyed this at minimum! I know how tough it can be to make time for literature these days. Writers are valid too k thanks this was your public service announcement~

I did all of this myself, with some shoulder peekin from StupidShepherd!

Stone = dorkasslameo
Pascal & Jiru = Felis-Licht
Mr.Roboto who is mentioned but not shown but he takes up a conversation point so shuddup I'm tagging = esmachmat
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OKAY ive been holding back from saying anything but BETTER NOW THAN NEVER
I FREAKING LOVE THIS COMIC AND THE INKING AND ART IS SO GOOD AND GOD the first time i read it was overwhelmed with inspiration and i really wanted to say that but i was scared to BUT IM SAYING IT NOW(you inspired me to go heavy with the b/w inking in my round too)