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Com: Maybe He's Born With It by AlfaFilly Com: Maybe He's Born With It :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 3 0 Com: Franklin Sketchpage by AlfaFilly Com: Franklin Sketchpage :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 25 1 Com: Nerhri Sketchpage by AlfaFilly Com: Nerhri Sketchpage :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 17 1 Com: Phyrria Sketchpage by AlfaFilly Com: Phyrria Sketchpage :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 28 2
Birds of a Feather - Ch.39
 Linda felt so lost. She hesitated to say she felt betrayed, but in a way, she knew it was true.
It was difficult for the rozenich to disguise her feelings when she returned to Arpeggio. She desperately wanted to confront him, to tell him what the raccoon had told her and to demand answers. Part of her did not understand why she never did, but the logical part of her knew: even if the words the man had said were true, what were the chances Arpeggio would confirm them? If he was really doing something bad, why would he confess?
    Because he’s my friend? The thought buzzed into her mind. He is my friend… right? That couldn’t be a lie either, could it?
Arpeggio had sensed the woman was not quite herself the following days as they recouped in one of Bison’s cabins. She felt his blue eyes following her, watching questionably as she looked out the windo
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 2 1
Birds of a Feather - Ch.38
    “Snow is weird,” the rozenich said as she felt the cold, icy material slip between her bare fingers. The gloves she had been wearing were thrown aside as she busied herself.
Jeremy clicked his beak and signed to her.
    “No, it never snows where I’m from. Our winters aren’t even that cold, really.”
The bird, who had been leaning against the cabin, rubbed his colorful beak against the wood in a brief, tick-like gesture. He briefly eyed the two guards near the fire pit who paid neither of them much mind.
Linda had begun to form a small sculpture in the snow of nothing particularly recognizable. “What do you think Pedgy’s talkin’ about in there? He sure does like to talk about boring business stuff a lot.”
Jeremy merely shrugged.
    “Do you think him and that buffalo are friends? They seem kinda friendly. I dunno,
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 2 2
The Selection - Ch2 page 37 by AlfaFilly The Selection - Ch2 page 37 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 32 18
Birds of a Feather - Ch.37
 The cold European weather paled in comparison to the frigid northern atmosphere of Canada. Even within the temperature-controlled environment of Arpeggio’s travelling airship, he could feel the iciness pierce through the tall glass windows.
Of course, he would rather be anywhere else in the world but there. If he had his choice, he would be back at the work site watching his massive airship take off into the heavens. At least, he could hope as much. The tests on the functionality of the ship had gone without a hitch. The bugs they had encountered were minor, most resulting in nothing more than tweaks to make the massive vehicle run even more smoothly. He had hoped a test voyage would have been an option, but from the looks of it they would have to wait until shortly before his leave to experience the full effects of what it was capable of.
It was no matter. In the end, everything would work out, he wa
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 4 7
Birds of a Feather - Ch.36

It was complete. The balloons, the gas cells, the propellers. Everything was installed and awaiting its commander’s orders to rise.
The head of safety ordered a mandatory evacuation of the site as tests began. Only the required staff were allowed to be within the zone in the off chance anything catastrophic occurred. Arpeggio doubted such a thing would happen, but he did not detest the order. He watched from the safety of the control room near his transportation ship’s landing pad. The airship had been running tests throughout the week on the engines and propeller systems. The parrot had anxiously awaited the day the ship could take lift and that day would arrive soon, he could feel it in his rapidly thumping heart.
Arpeggio would have laughed years ago if someone told him a ship so massive could be completed in under a year. The great Hindenburg airship had taken five years to
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 6 7
Birds of a Feather - Ch.35
    “Why do I keep falling for your nonsense?” Arpeggio asked with shaky, anxious breath.
    “I dunno,” Linda said, “I guess I’m just skilled at convincing.”
The small bird sat on the white rozenich’s shoulders, his claws digging into her fluffy plumage as she stood waist-deep in lake water. Arpeggio had known about the lake that sat a short mile from the worksite, but he had never been to it other than the two or three times he had investigated it early on during the project. He was aware the kurri periodically allowed the rozenich to venture to it, under the scheduled addition of a secondary concealing dome, but Linda had never spoken of it until the surprise she had tricked him into that afternoon.
Packs of other rozenich were out in the lake alongside them, playing around, bathing, and doing whatever it was the avian-creatures enjoyed doing in the un
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 7 13
The Selection Patreon JUNE '18 by AlfaFilly The Selection Patreon JUNE '18 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 2 2
Birds of a Feather - Ch.34
It was a strong word. A word that spoke volumes, particularly to Arpeggio. He was not certain if achieving such a thing would truly be possible, even if the answer sat right in front of him. Was Neyla right when she had said he could not prep for it? It was a question far too deep to answer.
The bird sat on his balcony, his yellow toes clasped around the banister. His blue eyes scanned across the mass that was his airship. The scaffolding that had surrounded it for all those months had finally dwindled, leaving behind only the parts needed to keep the airship lifted off the ground. He could see it all clearly, now: an exact replica of the designs and models he had slaved over the last two years. The winding structural pathways, the large engine blocks, the fire pits that would fuel the balloons, it was all there, all clear for him to see. Completion was just around the corner, the only things remaining to be insta
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 5 4
The Selection - Ch2 page 36 by AlfaFilly The Selection - Ch2 page 36 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 34 28
Birds of a Feather - Ch.33
    “I can’t do it,” Linda groaned, a grand sort of hatred burning in her blue eyes.
    “You gotta!” Kacey encouraged, her little hands balled into fists. “If you don’t do this we are never gonna get on with our lives!”
Arpeggio chipped in with an underwhelming response. “I don’t think she can do it.”
    “Sssssh, Pedgy! You’re gonna throw her off!”
    “The only place she is being thrown off of is that bridge.”
As if his words brought a curse upon the rozenich, she let out a painful scream of defeat and dropped the video game controller she had been holding. The small orange character she had been playing on the television screen before her descended to his death on what was a very precarious bridge.
She collapsed to the fl
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 7 6
Birds of a Feather - Illustrations 21-30 by AlfaFilly Birds of a Feather - Illustrations 21-30 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 23 3 Com: SUPER SOAKER FIGHT by AlfaFilly Com: SUPER SOAKER FIGHT :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 6 2


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C. "Filly" Boone
United States
Greetings, I'm Filly! I am an artist with a passion for sequential art and world-building. When I'm not slaving over comics I'm developing characters, species, and worlds for a wide range of stories. You can find comics and concepts of many of my stories in my gallery. Sadly, I have more ideas than time to do them but I try my best! I love to post my works online so maybe you guys can enjoy them as much as I do.

My stories typically star alien characters and I love to explore the theme of religion, culture, and faith.

I am also a SCAD Alum with a BFA in Sequential Art. Spring 2018.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you'd like to get to know me! I try to respond to every comment I get, even if I may be slow at doing so! Don't be shy; I don't bite!

Move and Upcoming Plans

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 17, 2018, 12:06 AM

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Greetings peeps! General update pertaining to what will be going on with me the next couple weeks, and then months to come.

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Firstly, I hope The Selection fans are enjoying the consistent updates! I am working on finishing up 3 more for the buffer that will carry into September. I don't have any plans set in stone, but I'm hoping if I can keep up the pace by the end of the year, I might try experimenting with weekly updates come 2019. Something like, do a weekly update for a month, and see how quickly I can recoup, and if I can't I'll just go back to biweekly like now. If I think I can manage, 2019 will have weekly updates at some point, but if not, I'll just periodically try weekly ones just to test until I feel confident. I appreciate everyone's support on this recent resurgence for the comic, and hope not to disappoint! I want to try having a website officially up for it in the future, when I'm sure I can keep up this schedule.

As always, don't forget to check out my Patreon! The end of this month I will be releasing a document detailing old plotlines and shenanigans I removed from the comic's plot. A lot of them are... pretty surprising and... bad. Mostly bad. And next month I'll be posting a PDF of old unpublished TS art and sketches! So check it out if you're interested in that! Along will seeing new pages MONTHS early!

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Okay, so starting next week Pyro and I will be starting our move. It'll carry into the first week of August. Around the second week, we will hopefully be settled in enough to have things come back to semi-normal. But I might be absent a lot online until then. So just be aware! TS pages are set on a queue so no worries there. Same with Birds of a Feather, though I'll be taking a week or two break from it just to have one less thing to worry about as we move.

Speaking of which, BoaF is about to reach its final arc, and it'll be complete in another 10 chapters/postings. I'm very excited and happy with the story, and have been enjoying it a lot, so I hope you guys do too who have been reading it. I think it's the longest written story I've posted here on dA. I'd love to try this format again with other stories, namely the reboot of PICARD I'll be starting in November.

Of course, once BoaF is over, I won't likely be giving up my Arpeggio shenanigans anytime soon. I might dwindle on drawing him as much... orrr maybe I'll draw more? I dunno, dawgs. You know how I get with these things. I have a project in early stages I'll be working on throughout August once I settle in and get into a new routine. I have mostly 10000 pictures I have wanted to draw but had no time... so SOON.

Anyway, move will be happening soon. July 23rd thru to around August 6th-ish give or take. I will be few and far between for sure between the 23rd-1st. After that, it might take some time, but I hope to get back to as normal as possible! I have a lot of plans for personal health and otherwise I want to get in routine for so... let's see how it goes! Thanks for being patient with me!

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Additionally, I wanted to, well, not really apologize (but kinda apologize?) for the weird updates the last few months. I've mostly been posting nothing but BoaF, TS, and commissions... and not much else. I mean, I guess it's not super weird. Prior to that I mostly posted school work and commissions and not much else. I've been getting an increase of steady, consistent commissions this year and I am insanely thankful and happy about that! And I hope to continue going strong with it (along with... actually remembering to post them pfff) I especially have been ramping up my commissions this months in order to pay for the move (which I did, thank you!). But I DO plan on doing more personal works and things in the future, now that school is behind me! BoaF is a personal work for me too, but I know not everyone reads literature, so I'll be having misc comics and illustrations upcoming! Especially reference sheets, because jeezus I need to get on that already.

Either way, I appreciate you guys bearing with me as I go through all this! I have a huge queue of finished commissions that will be blasted at ya every day this week because I have a backlog. So expect lots of ARRTT even if it's not personal art.

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Hope everyone's having a fab summer!

~*~Filly B.~*~

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