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Labyrinth: Audition P.3
    “Yes, a tournament, obviously!” Zol laughed again. With a swift, smooth leap, they dropped down from the branch to land on a tall rock a short distance from the pair. It was obvious they had attempted to hover to reduce their strain, but without riling up the rozenich a second time. Upon closer inspection, the stranger was slightly taller than Forte but surprisingly unthreatening. Forte felt himself ease when he spotted no weapons—not even claws worthy of comparison to his own—on their person. Whether or not they hid any away within their loose clothing was yet to be seen.
    “I’m hosting a little competition, of sorts,” Zol went on, gesturing widely and enthusiastically. “You see… ah, wait a sec.”
The creature sna
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 3 5
The Selection - Ch2 page 57 by AlfaFilly The Selection - Ch2 page 57 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 39 34 Com: Autism Awareness Month by AlfaFilly Com: Autism Awareness Month :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 27 11 Com: Smexy Snekk by AlfaFilly Com: Smexy Snekk :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 24 9 Interuption by AlfaFilly Interuption :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 50 8
Labyrinth: Audition P.2
He felt. Tired.
Forte always felt tired. There was hardly a moment that went by where he did not feel like sleeping away the day in his warm, dry nest up in the forest canopy. His home, a home so high up that some days it was more trouble than it was worth to exert the energy to climb up and down from it. There were countless nights he would slumber with the kurri or in the temporary shelters the livestock herders provided on ground level because he could not muster the energy to even go home. Sleep was the one time he did not have to struggle in his feeble physical form.
They called it Eversleep for a reason, he supposed.  
The pale-faced rozenich jerked his head upwards as he felt himself dozing once again. His blue head feathers ruffled, and he shook himself to recapture h
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 4 2
Com: Darkus Ref V2 by AlfaFilly Com: Darkus Ref V2 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 14 0
Labyrinth: Audition P.1
    “Finally!” a voice exclaimed from the confines of the tight hallway. The clattering of hooved toes echoed across the pristine tile floor. Zooming around the corner came the tubby, trotting form of a pink-robed kurri, a look of excitement emblazoned across his wrinkled face.
He had been waiting eons for this day.
His enthusiasm came as a nuisance to his fellow colleagues trying to go about their daily routines; an older kurri was nearly slammed into as the younger hurried through a sliding door, resulting in their small stack of books tumbling out of their arms and onto the floor.
    “Kinsey! Be careful!” they screeched.
He stopped for just a breath to utter a reply, “No time for that. I’m getting my assignment today!&
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 6 2
The Selection - Ch2 page 56 by AlfaFilly The Selection - Ch2 page 56 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 42 31 Contest: Comic Crossover Alien Space Friendship by AlfaFilly Contest: Comic Crossover Alien Space Friendship :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 33 11 Com: Vellus Ref by AlfaFilly Com: Vellus Ref :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 15 4 YCH: Watership Down Prologue by AlfaFilly YCH: Watership Down Prologue :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 101 23 TS Ask 05: Inspirations and Influences by AlfaFilly TS Ask 05: Inspirations and Influences :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 13 5 Labyrinth: Forte Reference by AlfaFilly Labyrinth: Forte Reference :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 50 18 The Selection - Ch2 page 55 by AlfaFilly The Selection - Ch2 page 55 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 47 23 Hugtime with Linda: FREE YCH RAFFLE by AlfaFilly Hugtime with Linda: FREE YCH RAFFLE :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 33 75


Beach Paradise by The-SixthLeafClover Beach Paradise :iconthe-sixthleafclover:The-SixthLeafClover 568 32 Labyrinth Audition Page 5 by EmpressEvaDowns Labyrinth Audition Page 5 :iconempressevadowns:EmpressEvaDowns 6 2 Sly Cooper Returns Parody Movie Poster by gbrown3930 Sly Cooper Returns Parody Movie Poster :icongbrown3930:gbrown3930 8 2 Labyrinth Audition Page 3 by EmpressEvaDowns Labyrinth Audition Page 3 :iconempressevadowns:EmpressEvaDowns 6 1
Cross Crossover Contest!!
So yes, I decided I'm just gonna do it! I'm going to open up what is probably the one and only Cross Art Contest
It's going to be pretty basic. The theme is Crossover!! Take any of the Cross characters, living or dead, and put them with your character! They can be doing anything! It also doesn't have to be canon. If you want to draw something random and silly with them, do so! 
1: One of my characters from Cross must be included in your entry!
2: It must be PG13, or lower! Keep in the rating that the series itself is under. 
3: If you include multiple characters, please keep a balance between mine and yours. Meaning, if you include three of yours, you must include three of mine. 
4: You must own the rights to your character! Unfortunately, this means that you cannot include a character from a movie, or what have you. 
5: Multiple entries are allowed! However, if two [or more] of your entries end up in the top three, I will step in a
:icondragonessdeanna:DragonessDeanna 2 1
more pics for trace-memory by lUPISVUIPES more pics for trace-memory :iconlupisvuipes:lUPISVUIPES 426 4 COM - fek by Karbik
Mature content
COM - fek :iconkarbik:Karbik 9 0
Contest Results!
I need a huge pick-me-up so let's get right into the contest results shall we?
Before I announce them though, I wanna say this. It was REALLY tricky to figure out the winners. Like...REALLY tricky. I love ALL the entries and I'm super surprised that 17 of you took the time out of your days to make a piece. I can see the effort in all of them!
EVERYONE gets a cameo as was the rules, so congrats to all for getting a prize for your efforts!
:iconBakannon: with
This image was really impressive, mostly because not only is Starlight in here (she's really tricky to draw, even for me), but so is A'dan! The background is really pretty and that aurora road is just gorgeous! 3 character image is nothing to sneeze at, and he did a really good job! Congrats on 3rd! You win a normal cameo slot AND a sketch!
:star: 2ND PLACE :star:
:iconAlfaFilly: with
Come on man 4 fully done pictures in 1? That's a lot of
:iconulta:Ulta 2 23
Labyrinth Cover: Audition by knux33 Labyrinth Cover: Audition :iconknux33:knux33 4 2 Fistfight in Freeport! by Tristikov Fistfight in Freeport! :icontristikov:Tristikov 9 5 Labyrinth OCT Audition page 3 by ssundiall Labyrinth OCT Audition page 3 :iconssundiall:ssundiall 18 9 Arpeggio Drawings (Child, Adolescent, Adult) by PeregrineFalconLady Arpeggio Drawings (Child, Adolescent, Adult) :iconperegrinefalconlady:PeregrineFalconLady 12 9 Trip by Nightrizer Trip :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 1,734 45 Live to Fight Another Day by Nightrizer Live to Fight Another Day :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 1,164 27 Hunger by Pherigo Hunger :iconpherigo:Pherigo 218 18 Bird Song by M00NMEL0DY Bird Song :iconm00nmel0dy:M00NMEL0DY 10 3


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C. "Filly" Boone
United States
Greetings, I'm Filly! I am an artist with a passion for sequential art and world-building. When I'm not slaving over comics I'm developing characters, species, and worlds for a wide range of stories. You can find comics and concepts of many of my stories in my gallery. Sadly, I have more ideas than time to do them but I try my best! I love to post my works online so maybe you guys can enjoy them as much as I do.

My stories typically star alien characters and I love to explore the themes of religion, culture, and faith.

I am also a SCAD Alum with a BFA in Sequential Arts. Spring 2018.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you'd like to get to know me! I try to respond to every comment I get, even if I may be slow at doing so! Don't be shy; I don't bite!


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 20, 2019, 8:29 PM

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PatreonBannersDISCORD by AlfaFilly


Okay, so, I actually created the Discord server months back and have slowly been adding friends, pals, and patrons in. I have been meaning to open it up for more folks but kept pushing it off because I'm a big smelly baby.

But it's time now! So here we go!

First things first, this is an EXCLUSIVE server that is SEMI-OPEN. What this means is not everyone can join and there will be loose requirements:

1. You have to read The Selection comic.
Because this is a TS themed server. So. Yes.

2. You have to be semi-active in participating in the community aka commenting. On pages, on journals about TS, on other such things.
Normally I'll know who is active and who isn't cause it's not like there's lots of people to keep up with, but just in case I WILL check.

3. If you don't comment regularly, I have to at least know you care/are invested in the series.
This one is hard to explain, but I do know folks who care and have cared, but they don't comment. They make it known in other ways. If you're one of these I will bypass the activity portion.

Alternatively, 4. Join my Patreon!
All Patrons get access to the server (unless I know you're gonna cause a fuss). But this is NOT required to join the server!

Send me a NOTE saying you'd like to join. That's all!

I will read notes and if you are "approved" I'll send you a link to join!
Please don't feel bad if I don't allow you in. I should give an explanation if I don't, though.

Some reasons I may not allow you in:
• I feel you are too young/immature to participate. It's not that we are an adult server it's just maybe not a place for 11 year olds who shouldn't be on dA to begin with lol
• You've caused drama in the past or I think you'll cause drama/disruptions for some reason.
• You think Federico isn't cool and edgy GTFO HOW DARE YOU.

Otherwise you're set!

Additionally, I will be allowing people in GRADUALLY. Like, one person a day/few days. This is just so we don't have a half dozen people popping in suddenly and getting confused. Baby steps!
The reason we put in these rules and not just let it be a free-for-all is because 1. I've already seen hot drama happen from public servers, especially anything vaguely furry-related, and lol NOPE. But 2. this server has doubled as a fun group of friends to hang out and talk about nonsense and sparkle aliens and we don't wanna ruin that by letting some bad apples drop in. So we're just being on the safe side!

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Other than that uhhhh SHOUT OUT TO :iconlabyrinth-oct:!! I'll be entering and YOU SHOULD TOO. I forgot to boost it all this time and I'm mad about it.
Have some cool guys:

Also don't forget about my YCHs going on!

Watership Down:

Linda Raffle:

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TheJasIllustrator Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2019  Professional General Artist
Thank you for the fav on I fear Nothing, regards TJI
lUPISVUIPES Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
I just gotta say I am like so proud of how far you’ve come and I am so glad to have gotten to follow you throughout the years and see your artistic skills skyrocket! I know it’s weird probably to say I’m proud of you since you’re older than me but like that’s the feeling ya know! I can’t wait to see what else you create and I support you all along the way! Anyway random rant over, I hope you have a great day!
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AligonRuler Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch!!😆😁
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springheel Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019
Dearest Mrs Boone:
Your art is truly fabntatic, especially with avians! ANd shading and coloring so subtle! Adorable!
stories-of-heroes Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2018
Dude! Dude! Dude! Have you seen the new Watership down yet?!
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