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The Selection - Chapter 3 by AlfaFilly, visual art

Labyrinth: HAUNTED Part 13 by AlfaFilly, literature

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Greetings, I'm Filly! I am an artist with a passion for sequential art and world-building. My stories typically star alien characters and I love to explore the themes of religion, culture, and faith. I love to post my works online so others can enjoy them as much as I do.

I am a SCAD Alum with a BFA in Sequential Arts. Spring 2018.

Lately I tend to get overwhelmed by my messages and may be very slow at replying, but know that I read every single comment and reply and try to respond to the majority of them! Don't be shy, I love meeting new people and will answer most questions! :heart:

Favourite Movies
Watership Down | Little Shop of Horrors | Jurassic Park series | Cloverfield | ALIEN
Favourite TV Shows
Invader Zim | Squidbillies | Archer | It's Always Sunny | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Whatever new pop/rap songs are hip n cool lol | RED | Family Force 5 | Kesha
Favourite Books
Watership Down | Out of the Silent Planet | Perelandra | A Wind in the Door | IT
Favourite Games
Sly Cooper | Bayonetta | Carnivores | Saint's Row | Ico | The Last Guardian
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC | PS2
Tools of the Trade
Ball Point Pen | Micron Pens | Scanner | Clip Studio Paint | Wacom Tablet
Other Interests
Writing | Concept Art | Animation
The Selection will be back soon-ish baybeeee!!! :la: :la: :la:
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Whoa! You're a SCAD alum? I live about 70 miles south of Savannah. You're also the second comic artist I've found online that's an alum from SCAD. The other is Jon Ponikvar(sp) who does the "Peter and Company" and "Peter and Whitney" comics.

I am yeah!! I went there specifically for comics, and learned so much! A few of my peers from there went on to work in professional comic fields, it's pretty dang awesome!

Cool. Back when I was in school, I wasn't that into drawing. Later in life, I learned why. I can only draw stick figures and I don't do them very well.

Hi there! I just wanna say I like your icon. Keep up the great work.:dummy:

Honestly really excited to read some your comics they seem interesting and I'm trying to learn from others to do my own! I'm in prep work for my first. Your art style and characters caught my attention instantly. You have some cool freaking art!!

Thank you so much!! Your art is fantastic too! If you start a project too, I'm sure it'll go amazing! :D:heart:

Sorry I was sleep deprived that day when you uploaded the page with Bill. I deleted that comment.