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Birds of a Feather - Ch.42
The early morning weather was more than perfect for the voyage out. It was cool, but not agonizingly so, and the breeze was light and airy. The sunrise has been pleasant and peaceful, leading into the bright, clear sky of daytime.
Arpeggio’s personal airship had already been prepped for the journey out. Every worker, still on staff or otherwise, was lingering around, simply waiting for the time to come. Even a large portion of the rozenich, who had little to do with anyone departing, were up and active just to see what would occur.
For as much excitement that was in the air, there was also a great deal of sadness. Many of the men, some who had worked together even beyond the time Arpeggio had employed them, were giving farewells to their comrades. Even the ones who were not the affectionate type were still there to give their support.
Arpeggio watched everyone through the glass of the station on the landing dock. There w
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 4 6
Com: This is Anthro Bat Country by AlfaFilly Com: This is Anthro Bat Country :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 11 4
Birds of a Feather - Ch.41

Arpeggio was awoken from his slumber by a gentle knock on the door. He puffed up his feathers and responded groggily. “Who is it?”
    “It’s me,” came a familiar female voice.
The parrot felt the uneasiness in his stomach rise. Reluctantly, he hopped off his sleeping perch and stuck his head out of the covered bed. “Come in.”
The door opened, and Linda entered the room, her white plumage easy to see in the darkness, even beneath the bright yellow hoodie she wore to keep off the night chill. She spotted Arpeggio’s drowsy expression and spoke apologetically. “Sorry if I woke you up, hon.”
    “Don’t worry, I hadn’t been out long,” he replied with a yawn and a shake of his head. He squinted in her direction. “What is it you need?”
    “You weren
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 4 10
The Selection - Ch2 page 38 by AlfaFilly The Selection - Ch2 page 38 :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 51 24
Birds of a Feather - Ch.40
Arpeggio’s airship had achieved lift. He had watched it ascend into the air, agonizingly slow, but steady. The engines hummed and the propellers growled as they spun at dangerous speeds. The site’s evacuation had been for good reason, as the debris flung about from the sheer power was beyond expectation. Thankfully, they had prepared for most of it and had stowed away or closed down everything in the immediate vicinity.
It was done. It was in the sky: a massive structure of unimaginable proportions, equipped with everything needed to achieve success. His success.
And yet, Arpeggio could find no joy in it.
With his fortress complete, it meant the next phase of his plan would soon commence. The selection of his finest guards had already been chosen to accompany him on his flying machine. Many were already on board, monitoring the systems and preparing for what was to come. The kurri had outfitted the ship with
:iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 6 8
Com: That Come Hither Stare by AlfaFilly Com: That Come Hither Stare :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 24 4 Com: Blissful Bathing by AlfaFilly
Mature content
Com: Blissful Bathing :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 67 12
Com: Maybe He's Born With It by AlfaFilly Com: Maybe He's Born With It :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 21 2 Com: Franklin Sketchpage by AlfaFilly Com: Franklin Sketchpage :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 26 2 Com: Nerhri Sketchpage by AlfaFilly Com: Nerhri Sketchpage :iconalfafilly:AlfaFilly 19 1


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Future Plans and Present Problems
It's me, your very favorite bat, your best tournament staff member, your mysterious black market organ dealer.
Despite saying I would retire after Xotiathon, I've been toying with the idea of doing another OCT, one whose roots are in an idea I had before I hosted my first tournament (excepting Tourist Trap, which I inherited leadership of but did not create).
It's a fantasy OCT whose name would be Labyrinth, which gives you some idea of the setting. My main stumbling block in doing it would be getting judges who had the experience and reliability I needed, because I'm a picky soul. 
That aside, right now I am extremely tight on money because to make a long story short, this summer has been a financial blow to me and my mom for reasons including but not limited to: our car died out of nowhere and we spent a month without it before we got it back yesterday, I was out of work for much of the same time period and while I'm empl
:iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 1 0
::COM:: Neo-Neyla by Vixcoon ::COM:: Neo-Neyla :iconvixcoon:Vixcoon 79 12 Pride Month 2018 by fluffyz Pride Month 2018 :iconfluffyz:fluffyz 8 3
Commission info
Well since I've had a fair number of people show interest, I'm going to publicly post my new, updated commission info!
To those who have already reached out to me to receive a quote before I've set these prices today/at the time I post this journal, do not worry about them! It's only fair you don't have to adjust to these~
but this is for future reference to those interested in commissions from me:
a full body CG of one character is $35
a bust CG is $30
a headshot CG is $25
a full body flat color is $23
a bust flat color is $20
a headshot flat color is $17
full body line art is $15
bust is $13
headshot is $11
sketches will only be full body or bust, they both are going to be $10 
any additional characters will be $10 to each option! If you're looking for a detailed background, then that's an additional pricing we can discuss.
I am only taking PayPal payments.
I don't do fetish art. Risque material is up for discussion, but may not be posted to dA depending on the material.
:iconvixcoon:Vixcoon 5 9
HYBRIDOR Comic Cover by Ulta HYBRIDOR Comic Cover :iconulta:Ulta 53 37 PaintlessDog trade by Karbik PaintlessDog trade :iconkarbik:Karbik 20 0
Fundraiser: Project Ho-oh
Hey guys! Time for more info about that sale from the other day. From August to the end of November, I'm having a sale on fullbody sketches, inks, and flats to raise money to go towards helping dbzcellLover move down to live with me and Christmas presents for close friends and immediate family.

Ideally, I'd like to have $300 for helping Dia move and $200 for Christmas presents, but every little bit helps. Please share this in your own journals if you can and lets make Project Ho-oh a success! :D
:iconxlugialuver1x:xLugiaLuver1x 3 2
Learn to Swim by tbolt Learn to Swim :icontbolt:tbolt 8 4 Breath of Summer by ChimericMachinations Breath of Summer :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 5 8 ()_RADIATION_() by Helen-M123 ()_RADIATION_() :iconhelen-m123:Helen-M123 62 12 Avania Comic - Issue No.1, Page 2 by Tristikov Avania Comic - Issue No.1, Page 2 :icontristikov:Tristikov 6 7


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C. "Filly" Boone
United States
Greetings, I'm Filly! I am an artist with a passion for sequential art and world-building. When I'm not slaving over comics I'm developing characters, species, and worlds for a wide range of stories. You can find comics and concepts of many of my stories in my gallery. Sadly, I have more ideas than time to do them but I try my best! I love to post my works online so maybe you guys can enjoy them as much as I do.

My stories typically star alien characters and I love to explore the themes of religion, culture, and faith.

I am also a SCAD Alum with a BFA in Sequential Arts. Spring 2018.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you'd like to get to know me! I try to respond to every comment I get, even if I may be slow at doing so! Don't be shy; I don't bite!

Move and Upcoming Plans

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 17, 2018, 12:06 AM

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Greetings peeps! General update pertaining to what will be going on with me the next couple weeks, and then months to come.

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Firstly, I hope The Selection fans are enjoying the consistent updates! I am working on finishing up 3 more for the buffer that will carry into September. I don't have any plans set in stone, but I'm hoping if I can keep up the pace by the end of the year, I might try experimenting with weekly updates come 2019. Something like, do a weekly update for a month, and see how quickly I can recoup, and if I can't I'll just go back to biweekly like now. If I think I can manage, 2019 will have weekly updates at some point, but if not, I'll just periodically try weekly ones just to test until I feel confident. I appreciate everyone's support on this recent resurgence for the comic, and hope not to disappoint! I want to try having a website officially up for it in the future, when I'm sure I can keep up this schedule.

As always, don't forget to check out my Patreon! The end of this month I will be releasing a document detailing old plotlines and shenanigans I removed from the comic's plot. A lot of them are... pretty surprising and... bad. Mostly bad. And next month I'll be posting a PDF of old unpublished TS art and sketches! So check it out if you're interested in that! Along will seeing new pages MONTHS early!

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Okay, so starting next week Pyro and I will be starting our move. It'll carry into the first week of August. Around the second week, we will hopefully be settled in enough to have things come back to semi-normal. But I might be absent a lot online until then. So just be aware! TS pages are set on a queue so no worries there. Same with Birds of a Feather, though I'll be taking a week or two break from it just to have one less thing to worry about as we move.

Speaking of which, BoaF is about to reach its final arc, and it'll be complete in another 10 chapters/postings. I'm very excited and happy with the story, and have been enjoying it a lot, so I hope you guys do too who have been reading it. I think it's the longest written story I've posted here on dA. I'd love to try this format again with other stories, namely the reboot of PICARD I'll be starting in November.

Of course, once BoaF is over, I won't likely be giving up my Arpeggio shenanigans anytime soon. I might dwindle on drawing him as much... orrr maybe I'll draw more? I dunno, dawgs. You know how I get with these things. I have a project in early stages I'll be working on throughout August once I settle in and get into a new routine. I have mostly 10000 pictures I have wanted to draw but had no time... so SOON.

Anyway, move will be happening soon. July 23rd thru to around August 6th-ish give or take. I will be few and far between for sure between the 23rd-1st. After that, it might take some time, but I hope to get back to as normal as possible! I have a lot of plans for personal health and otherwise I want to get in routine for so... let's see how it goes! Thanks for being patient with me!

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Additionally, I wanted to, well, not really apologize (but kinda apologize?) for the weird updates the last few months. I've mostly been posting nothing but BoaF, TS, and commissions... and not much else. I mean, I guess it's not super weird. Prior to that I mostly posted school work and commissions and not much else. I've been getting an increase of steady, consistent commissions this year and I am insanely thankful and happy about that! And I hope to continue going strong with it (along with... actually remembering to post them pfff) I especially have been ramping up my commissions this months in order to pay for the move (which I did, thank you!). But I DO plan on doing more personal works and things in the future, now that school is behind me! BoaF is a personal work for me too, but I know not everyone reads literature, so I'll be having misc comics and illustrations upcoming! Especially reference sheets, because jeezus I need to get on that already.

Either way, I appreciate you guys bearing with me as I go through all this! I have a huge queue of finished commissions that will be blasted at ya every day this week because I have a backlog. So expect lots of ARRTT even if it's not personal art.

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:  :bulletblue:

Hope everyone's having a fab summer!

~*~Filly B.~*~

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  • Playing: Far Cry 4
  • Eating: Poptarts
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