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The Selection - Chapter 3 by AlfaFilly, visual art

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Greetings, I'm Filly! I am an artist with a passion for sequential art and world-building. My stories typically star alien characters and I love to explore the themes of religion, culture, and faith. I love to post my works online so others can enjoy them as much as I do.

I am a SCAD Alum with a BFA in Sequential Arts. Spring 2018.

Lately I tend to get overwhelmed by my messages and may be very slow at replying, but know that I read every single comment and reply and try to respond to the majority of them! Don't be shy, I love meeting new people and will answer most questions! :heart:

Favourite Movies
Watership Down | Little Shop of Horrors | Jurassic Park series | Cloverfield | ALIEN
Favourite TV Shows
Invader Zim | Squidbillies | Archer | It's Always Sunny | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Whatever new pop/rap songs are hip n cool lol | RED | Family Force 5 | Kesha
Favourite Books
Watership Down | Out of the Silent Planet | Perelandra | A Wind in the Door | IT
Favourite Games
Sly Cooper | Bayonetta | Carnivores | Saint's Row | Ico | The Last Guardian
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC | PS2
Tools of the Trade
Ball Point Pen | Micron Pens | Scanner | Clip Studio Paint | Wacom Tablet
Other Interests
Writing | Concept Art | Animation

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omg its been so long! I caught up on The Selection after 2983693 years of being off DA! I hope you are doing well and staying safe! <3

I saw your comment here and did a SWIFT DOUBLE TAKE

eeeee it's so good to see you again!! And I'm so happy you were able to catch up on it HOPEFULLY with tons of pages for a change since I've been actually keeping up with it the last couple years TvT

I've been very well!! As safe as I can be considering I am "essential worker" and all BUT doing all the procedures to stay healthy at least!! Hope you're doing great too!

Akssksjkajs it’s so nice to hear from you!!! And bro the comic is so good!! I like started all the way from the beginning and just coming up on all the recent pages I’m so immersed in it again 😭😭 I’m happy you’re doing okay! I totally understand being essential, but I’m thankful you’re safe and healthy 💕 I’m trying to be on DA more so you’ll see a lot more of my oc boy for The Selection and a fart 👏🏻👏🏻
You making Projects: 😊

Me making projects: 😐

hey! I really like watching this youtube speedpaint artist, she does all sorts of fun and silly and interesting stuff related to art and character creation and etc. her intense vibrance and expressivity of her characters reminds me of your style :) I thought you might enjoy her art too n.n

Ooh that's really neat!! Thanks so much for the recommendation!! :D