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Ask Nightmare Moon 1

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A few days ago, I submitted an animation [link] about Nightmare moon, in which I replied to most of the comments as if I was her. I liked taking the place of a character with a personality that's opposite to mine, so I made a journal post called "Ask Nightmare Moon".

It's basically just asking "Nightmare" a question, which "she" answers in a funny (evil/mean) way, like what other people have done, but with other characters.

I said that I'd choose some of the questions, the ones that I found most interesting, and make comics based on them. The question in this comic was asked by :iconfluttershy89:

So, if you want to ask Nightmare a question, follow the link below! I answer to all of the questions, and if yours is really good, it may appear in a comic, like this one, so ask away!
Ask Nightmare Moon
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We are one with the night, sent to extirpate the light! We will cloud it! Shroud it!
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Can I do a ask
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SkyilereHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm wondering... how much eye shadow do you put on per day?
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thegreatman203Hobbyist General Artist
sorry for the guy who got shocked (R.I.P K-I-S guy)
but good Nightmare Moon
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Can you steal the Elements and Send Celestia to the sun :3
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Charkapie98 Digital Artist
I have a question Nightmare moon Did you know I'm your biggest fan I always look at the stars!
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Hi nightmare moon! im ur biggest fan. And i was wondering.... where did you get your amour thing?
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PaintTasticPonyStudent Digital Artist
hey nightmare moon, if you are reading this, u shall turn into a breezie (luv ur stars btw ^^)
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do you love or like sombra (or king sombra right now)
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vipermoon878Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hay nightmare moon what exactly happend 1000 years ago and have you ever read past sins?
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Wow wow wow ... was there really a need to fry the poor dude up, Nighty ?
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He deserved it
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That was waaaay overshot, still. :-P
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ZacBucklinHobbyist Filmographer
I will never question you again Nightmare. Never again. :o
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Dear Nightmare moon,
Will you marry me?
INGRIDPETRYStudent Traditional Artist
Dear nightmare moon do u play Toontown?
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wond3rfullywick3dHobbyist Writer
lol that was great
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*Hugs her* don't worry about it there is no worry Twilight (if i was a boy) would probs be the one with me too the night sky is beautiful they should understand that Twilight being the only one i understand.
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:iconpinkamenadianepielol: KissyKissy~
:iconnightmaremoonplz: oh are u kidding?
:iconpinkamenadianepielol: yup~ :3
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I absolutely loved this xDD 
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NiamasinStudent Digital Artist
Spirit: Nightmare Moon, what would your hair look like if you never used Twilight Sparkles?
Please make a comic out of this one, I want to see what her hair looks like.
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SmolAutumnLeafeonHobbyist Digital Artist
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Nightpelt1359Student Traditional Artist
Lol :D
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