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Aug-10-2011---I'm an engineering student who thinks that he's in d wrong field. I've bin making my own comic buks since I was I'm 20 & still....................unpublished. Unfortunately I'm in India where nobody reads comic buks except d small babies who wet their diapers time 2 time. Nobody even likes d storyline I make my buk on. Everybody thinks of some crazy cartoons when they hear of comic books. I've bin also sending submissions to many graphic novel publishers lately n no response yet. I don't demand much right now...but I just want my thing published that I finished summer 2011.

Hey,today--4th december. I've been known of my actual status 2 years back then. So,it means that I clearly know that my own comic book is going to take some real loooonnngg time to ever publish. But,I've not given up on comics and thinking of being a better penciller someday. So,I've set my comic online on the suggestion of a fellow deviant. All 63 pages are now there. Tell me if any suggestions.
Flags- Violent.Bad language. Nudity. Enjoy if you don't mind them.  

Today- 29.12.2011-
Finally  took some  time  to properly letter my comic book,not bare hand written  anymore.
I've put the whole 63 pages on DA.So,anybode can check out the "VIRAL TRSR-Complete" folder in my gallery.

Folder link if y're too lazy to open the gallery :…

Or for a comic book  experience try this on the web VIRAL TRSR link-…

Dated-Apr-25-2012-  Last 2 months ,I've been trying to work on an issue by a writer Drew Ford .The series proposed is named as Genome. Can't say,it'll make itself to some publisher but yeah,I tried to make it work. Well,let's see what happens....gotta get back to study for semester finals.Ciao!

Dated- May-28-2012---Exams are up. Now,I'ma try some newer stuff. Let's see how much time and will I've got to do this. The end of the road is a little far,I guess!

Dated-Oct-19-2012---I had been doing some comic books for some people.Well,can't say what happened to the stuff I had drawn for them. Let's see what happens next. Still waiting for some word from them.Exams for the 7th sem are probably in Nov-Dec. Waiting for the world to end.

Dated- 15.1.2013--- I started taking some paid jobs out there for sketches n comic pages. Not much but good for starting.
Dated- 11.2.2013---
Was doing some pitches for a writer Daniel Fitzgerald. Let's hope it goes well this time.

Dated-8.5.2013-- My engg. graduation ended today. Let's hope that the results are good enough to get me passed. Now, let's do some serious comic art.
Dated- 21.5.2013-- Got some colored pages from the colorist Michael Russell for a 2 pager on an anthology from Arcana called "Steampunk Originals 3". Damn, the guy's good. Written by- Marta Tanrikulu.
Also was working with a writer Martin Perry for a pitch of a comic called "Hitman Vs Superheroes".
Dated-31.7.2013-- Did a 9 pager short story for a horror book( that's what they call it) from Legion Comix.
Dated-7.8.2013-- I had also taken up a little manga lineart project that I finished today from writer named Luke Roberts.

Dated-10.12.13-- Long time,no journal entry huh! So I've been working on a few comic books, some profitable,some non-profitable. Did a few comic books for Tragic entertainment & Bluewater productions. Both enjoyable I'll say. Hopefully,I'll be getting published artist soon enough.

Dated-1.7.14--Okay,I had doubts that Bluewater had a lot of issues regarding money and publishing but now,I am sure that there is 99% chance that I won't be paid for whatever I did , anyway whatever I did for them was all free time work, so no regrets about that.I always believe that something is better than nothing at all. However,if it does get published with my name on it,I'll be pretty happy.
In other news, I've been doing some commissions and also working for a title Chaos Campus#23 for Approbation Comics.
And also,got some news that the book I pencilled 2 years ago for Crimzon Studios may be getting out in September 2014. So, good luck to Amit Ghadge(Crimzon Studios) for the sales.

This might really look weird and all but I'm not changing this full length journal entry for my own reasons. I love my history and I wanna keep record of most things I do. So this journal will keep adding records but subtract none.
One thing I probably said in the very first lines up there was that India has no Comic book culture....well,that was my misunderstanding. India has a comic culture, I just didn't know or like it very much. While I'm trying to get into it as much as possible, I'll keep adding more details.

Dated-2.09.2014--Soooo....August was kinda...lazy month. Didn't get to do a lot. Going slow,I guess. Did a short story about Cowboys and Mummies(sort of) for Brendan Hykes(zero press), Chaos Campus #24 for Approbation Comix and another short story(pencils) named Lost Property for Marta Tanrikulu. Lost Property was probably for some contest Titan Publishing was organizing, time was short but produced the pencils on time anyway, it didn't get colored, so Marta sent it just lettered by letterer E.T.Dollman. 'Til next time, Adios, Space Cowboy.

You can buy the comic book "The Wreck Age" by Crimzon Studios (Written by- Avinash Singh,Vijay Verma and inked/colored by Amit Ghadge) on these 2 links-on Raj Comics and Door Deals. Give this new Indian Graphic Novel a try and share your reviews .…

Dated 26.11.2014--- I put a solo comic book named "Lady Warriors #1" online.Right now, it's only on driv thru comix, but I'm trying comixology, comixfix and as well.

Free Full pdf Available…
Or download it here on DA-
Lady Warriors #1-full pdf by Alf-Alpha

Dated-18.12.2014--- Did a 22 pager war based comic named " Inferno" written by Gilad Levin. The colors would be from somebody else.I'm not sure how it'd go in publishing and sales but let's hope it goes well.
facebook page-…

Dated-22.2.2015-- Finally finished the first 5 pages of my own written story "Life-time" and sent them to some publishers through email. Let's see if I get a response within next year. If it doesn't happen till 2016, I'll have to take some desperate measures with this story..

Dated- 3.08.2015-- Man, it's August already. Updates- 1.Did a short story, 12 pager for David Walton "Balaam Zsasz and the curse of Judas Coin" in April.
2. Another short story, 9 pager called "Animal" for Belarmino Costa which he later revised with another artist , again to which I had to do anatomy checks. 
3. Tales of the Damned- a short story collection by Brendan Hykes was kickstarted. I did a cover, a cowboy pinup and 8 pages short I did last year.
4. Currently working on a 24 pager book for a writer Derek Hall. Let's hope it goes smoothly.
5. Wreck Age #2 is in production- 15 pages done.
6. Drawing new Life-Time pages whenever possible. 12 pages done. 

Dated- 14.12.2015-- Finished Life-Time #1 with a blasting cover. The full pdf is available on Driv Thru Comics here- Life-Time
Life-Time Issue 1 cover Colored by Alf-Alpha

Dated-7.10.2016-- A few updates,
1. I had been working with an Indian Indy comic company Yali Dream Creations over a graphic novel called Rakshak Issue 1 between Jan-May 2016. It's a 70 pager book available here-
2. Life-Time issue 2 is coming up soon. 10 pages done yet. Definitely within December 2016 to early Jan 2017

Dated-- 25.7.2017---Some updates
1.On 29 June 2017, I had finally released Life-Time Issue 2:Inflation digitally.
PDF available---On Drivthru comics now-
On Amazon kindle-
Life-Time Issue 2 cover by Alf-Alpha
2. In early July, also finished pencilling and Inking Rakshak issue 4. Can't believe that in last 1.5 years, I've done 250+ pages on Rakshak. It's due out soon.
3. Working on the next issue of Life-Time and also on some other publication works.
NOTE- Do visit for reading Life-Time and if you want, subscribe to the newsletter.
Commissions open-

Single character sketches- 15USD per character + 5$ for inks (if needed).
Colored -40$ for pencil+ink+color
With Background-60 usd colored.

2 characters together on same page-25 USD per page(pencils) + 10$ for inks(if needed).
Colored -45$ for pencil+ink+color
With Background-70 usd colored.

Sequential art- 30-40 USD per page depending upon criticality and details. 40USD for pencils+inks.

Check gallery folders for samples-…