Should I start a Kickstarter for my Portal animated short?
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Hell yes!
FUCK yes!
Nah, I don't like awesome things...

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Take all the help you need from me :) just sent you that note. I got a lot of spare time and I am a total portal geek.. ( [link] )
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Shut up and take all my money!! Take my everything!! XD

All of my everything except this here dollar, cos' I need it for the bus ride home. You can have the ticket stub though, along with this bit of lint I found in my pockets. ^_^
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Hahahaha, you're getting a llama
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Does it think with portals?
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You have my sword and my bow and my axe.. hahahaha and my digital pen :D
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No shame in consulting a lawyer. Better safe than sorry.
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i dunno but here a kokaku talking about giving ideas for people to ran a kickstarter. ^_^ but i bet you already talking to so many other people about ideas if you do a kickstarter.
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Thanks! That could be really helpful!
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Don't you already own most software licenses and computer hardware you need to make this? What are you going to use the money that you get from kickstarter on?

Also, you sure Valve wont slam your project with a C&D as soon as you start asking for money to fund your project?
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Am I sure? No. Do I hope that I'm right about this? Yes. If they put the kibosh on fundraising, the film will still get made, it just will be more difficult and take longer.

As for the software license question you asked. Yes, I have the license for the software I'm currently using. But there will be literally dozens of animators pitching in, and most of them don't have their own licensed, current version of Maya. Thankfully, Autodesk has just announced that people will be able to pay a monthly fee to use their entire software library, which makes the prospect much more affordable, but would still cost thousands to keep everyone going for the next several months. Plus there's V-ray, a lighting plug-in that I will need to do a more proper light/comp for the film; there's the stipend going to the feature film rigging engineer; I'd like to get a sound fx guy and a composer on this toward the end... making movies is not cheap!
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Ah good, I'm only asking 'cause it kind of feels iffy. The legality of the project could be wrangled to seem iffy at best even without the kickstarter, moreso with it. Huge companies like Valve tend to C&D almost anything using their trademarks and copyrights regardless of what the project entail. Remember that fan-made Sonic 2 HD remake that got C&D'd? I'd hate to see it happen to this movie. :(
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Thankfully, I'm sure there are several legal differences between my film and the Sonic 2 case. Seems like Sonic 2 was fans recreating an existing game with HD graphics and other upgrades, which could directly interfere with Sega's ability to profit from releasing their own updated version. Which, to me, actually sounds like a legitimate beef! My film, however, cannot interfere with Valve's business, directly or indirectly... so, dodged a bullet!

But more importantly, as much as I've searched online for the legality of funding fan films, I can find nothing, and I mean nothing anywhere, that says I can't, but I find several very specific assertions that I can, from people who've done the legal legwork for the sake of their own projects. It's all about the profit, when it comes to fan films. If it's non-profit, it's in the clear. I was as skeptical as you a month ago, and was literally dancing around the hallways at work when I found out!
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I think you're safe. Valve has openly said that they encourage fan-made movies, when talking about making a movie themselves. In Gabe's most recent interview, he talks about fan-made movies. I'd be incredibly shocked if Valve has any issue with the production of this, with or without Kickstarter.
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WHEW! Thank you for this, what a relief!
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i think value already is aware of your project ,heck i bet there cool with it =D but yeah you can always contact them just to fill them in to see what there thoughts are =D
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I sure hope they are. I don't want to call, though, because it'd be so disheartening to have them say, "wtf, this sucks"
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woah thats a really aggressive tongue emotocon was meant to be kinda jokey but that looks really rude and serious ahhaha my bad
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lol no problem!
ahaha it wouldnt work man, kickstarter isnt used for wages or living expenses. The way you could use kickstarter if you gonna animate was to buy the programs, the pc, the moniter etc like the equipment . Be a bit of robbery otherwise :P
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Well the money's not for living expenses, I still have to work my job, this is strictly non-profit, entertainment-only. I do need to pay for software licences, so there is that, you're dead-on. But I occasionally need to pay a stipend for someone to rig the character, or do a matte painting, or help with sound effects, that sort of thing, the stuff I can't do myself and don't have a friend with the skillset who can volunteer.
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Yeah Im pretty sure you'd get into serious legal trouble as soon as you asked for any money whatsoever
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That's what I thought. Turns out, if it's a non-profit fan film, you're good to go! This will make a huge difference in the quality and speed of production...
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