Da Fuq happened this week?

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The last couple of days, out of nowhere, my pageviews spiked up to about 600% of my typical measly daily numbers. But no images got slammed with faves or comments, nothing at all to indicate what might have suddenly brought a rush of people to my page for about 48 hours. Wha'appen?
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That sometimes happens to me sometimes on my Youtube videos. Just "HELLO!". Luckily I can track down where that video was posted XD sometimes...
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Maybe one of your pieces are up in the What's Hot section on Deviantart's homepage?
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Yeah, who knows? Coulda been.
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Had that happen a year or so ago. Just all of a sudden a thousand views for several days. It was weird. Kinda cool, in a way, though. Still no idea what happened. :/
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could be a one of those bots who search websites for search engines
i wonder though how you found that out though, if no fav's were done?
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My pageview count is usually around 25-30ish. Last couple of days that number jumped wayyyy up
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Ah dunno

feels like we've had this convo before though XD
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Yeah but before, something would come up. Reddit or some geek-culture site diong an article. Haven't heard a whisper so far. And there'd always be something in my gallery collecting favs, unlike now, so this one remains a mystery for the time being.

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