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Shinobi: Ninja Princess Environment WIP by alexzemke Shinobi: Ninja Princess Environment WIP by alexzemke
Currently putting together an animation proof-of-concept for :iconmartheus:'s comic book, Shinobi: Ninja Princess. Not sure how much I can say about it, so suffice it to say, check out his page, check out his books, the man is an independent artist in the truest sense, and always has stuff going on, all the time. Crazy busy guy!

One of the things that's been a huge problem with getting Companionship made has been my lack of experience. I bit off more than I could chew, so progress has been difficult at best, and flat-out daunting at worst. So I'm taking full advantage of this smaller project -- it's 30 seconds long and takes place in one location -- as practice for the much larger production that Companionship became after the attention my test render got all those years back. This ninja animation has me re-learning things I'd forgotten how to do, and also learning brand new skills, all of which are going to come in handy when I transition back to Companionship.
subjectchanger Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
one thing I could say is... I would never be able to do this. this is amazing, even if it's just the bare framework. 
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