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Portal Short Chell Test Render

EDIT: Check out the rough teaser trailer here!…

And here's what's gonna keep me from drawing! I'm working may ass off on a new animated short, based on the Portal games. It's called "Companionship_", and it's a tale of love, loss and cubes.

I needed to see how the assets were coming along, so I threw together this quick pose/lighting test. It really helped get me excited again after a week of character tweaking.

"Sally" character rig and Chell costume modeled by Richard Terry Clark. Character rigged with The Setup Machine by Dustin Kimmich. Additional costume rigging/skinning, asset modeling, etc, by my own exhausted ass.

*Edit: 1,000 faves, baby! Whooo! 1,000 Portal Faves! by alexzemke

And new stuff: Boing! by alexzemke

Portal and Portal 2 ©Valve Software
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Has some clone wars'y feeling of style to it.
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Yeah, I can definitely see that. Huh!
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She looks like Colette from Ratatouille.
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This is amazing. I didn't even realize it was a playblast till halfway through the trailer, I was into it!
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Awesome! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
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Wow <3 This will be just AMAZING! :D (Big Grin) 
Have any WIP vids or pics? :D I'd love to see how you're all making this, your methods, what programs you're using..? Love Seems to be working great so far!
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There's a very rough teaser trailer on my YouTube channel, as well as a few animation test chunks if you want to check those out.…

We're working in Maya, and our lighting (when we get to that point) will be done using Vray.
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Beautiful work! :D Clap 
I have to admit, I can't wait for the animated short to be released; but what I really think of the most when I see this picture:

I need a pair of Longfall Boots. ;)
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I know right? They just seem like too much fun. Thanks!
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Awesome! I love this! PIXAR should to do a animated Portal film just not with a crappy story but overall This is perfect!
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Hehe.. no problem you should be one of the animators if Disney do make a film of Portal
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it´s so cool :3
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oh, I remember this modelling style... well, not the name of the indipendent animators they make them... french something.
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Are you still working on this?
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Yep! Or, more accurately, I'm working on it again. A flood of internet coverage over this image a couple years ago resulted in a ton of people wanting to work on it. And I just got wrapped up in all the excitement and did what a lot of people in my line do: I inflated the project way out of proportion until it became unmanageable and collapsed under its own weight. Now I've scaled it all back down to a reasonable length, uncomplicated the production approach, and we're back at it!
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Any release date announced?
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Love this! You should submit this to the official Portal design contest on WeLoveFine!… This would make a great art print!
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Well thanks! Actually, the render was done at a pretty low resolution as far as prints go, limiting it to about 4 inches high at best. And because the original file no longer exists, I can't re-render it larger :(
But we keep getting closer to finishing the new version of the Chell rig, and the Aperture props and sets are getting textured, so I'm thinking one of the first things we should do with them is recreate this image with all the improved stuff in order to show off the progress :)
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Thats not a problem! If you win, you will have 3 weeks to create your design! Its worth a shot! Its a great design!
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