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I promised that I'd start putting up more of these! For each film set I get assembled and shipped off to an animator, I'll make another test render like I've been doing, just so you guys can know that the project is still moving forward. If they start coming faster, then yes, you can take that as a good sign!

The materials and shaders here are essentially placeholders, that's why there's so much bland, glossy gray going on. And then there's the lighting. Well, that's just plain old me, not knowing lighting!

This is why I'm enlisting help from colleagues, so many of them specialize in all the things I suck at!
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What an exciting project! Woo!
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I can't wait to see the finished product!!!! =D
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You're obviously a really skilled 3D artist and this looks impressive! I'd consider working on her face a bit more though, since it doesn't really resemble Chell very much. If you look at Alesia Glidewell's face it's quite different from the way you've constructed this one. This is recognizably a portal short though, and the props all look fab.
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Actually, she's in the middle of a major makeover as we speak! Once her transformation's complete, I'll post some before-and-after images. Obviously sh'e not going to look just like Alesia, because this is a cartoon-style rig, but she's going to look very different from what you see here.
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That's very cool news! Yeah I know she won't look exactly like Alesia, since it is a significantly more cartoony representation. I was just hoping you guys don't forget to check out some of the things that really make Chell facially recognizable.
Commendable work.
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Thanks! If it weren't for all the attention and support, I wouldn't even have the option to get her remodeled and custom-rigged, and this thing would have looked pretty sad. I'm more excited every day about this film!
I cannot wait to see the finished product of this I am an avid fan of Portal and Portal 2 so heres looking forward to seeing more imiages and in the future the movie.
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incredible render. although chell doesnt have teeth. explained on portal 1 that the emancipation grid desintegrates them
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True, good point. From now on, she's all gums! ;)
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Still is a minor detail form a fanboy, dont mind me
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The fact that this animated short is already in the making and will someday (hopefully) exist just made me the happiest little fangirl it is possible to be.
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Hahaha, thanks! And it will, I promise! There's way too many people watching now for me to give up on it. Not that I ever would!
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Im making a portal series with people like stephen merchant (wheatley) and OneyNG in it but now i feel ashamed cuz your stuff is amazing :(
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Nobody who works with Stephen Merchant should ever feel ashamed ever!

...except Karl Pilkington
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Radu-B's avatar this going to be as insane as it looks?
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Maybe? It's not all that insane. Very character/story oriented.
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The animation quality looks like it is way up there, so whatever you'll do, I'm sure it will be awesome!
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Just a quick question; will Wheatley make an appearance?
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I have no plans for Wheatley, unless he pops into frame as some sort of easter egg. There's absolutely no dialogue in this short, and all Wheatley does is talk, talk, talk!
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Aaah. :3 Okay, thanks =3=
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