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Collected Beauty



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I will keep her prisoner in the glass for 2 or 3 years. To keep her skinny, eager and fit, I will shoot a full load of sperm into her glass once a month, and that's all she gets as food and drink. I'm sure the hunger and thirst during the 4 weeks of starving while waiting for the next load of cum, she will beg me and do anything for an extra dose of sperm or a few drops of piss to drink. And in addition, she only gets fresh air once a week, which means that in order not to suffocate, she has to use the oxygen in the glass very sparingly. But whenever I flick the glass with my finger, she has to dance wildly and sexy, satisfy herself and let her tits bounce up and down without a break... If she can arouse me sexually enough through her sexy dancing, masturbating and talking, she might get a few more spurts of sperm.