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HI, it's me again, i've posted here before, but i'm in Desperate need of  RP partners, so i'm going to post another request

before i post what i want..i'm going to say this. YAOI RP ONLY!! please, that is one of my very few rules, but it is one i do not like to divert from, i have had people ask for yuri and other things and it just..isnt what i want.

now, as far as pairings and fandoms go, here are the fandoms below

the ones of utmost importance and ones i really crave are....

True Blood
Vampire Diaries (salvatore brothercest)
Supernatural (wincest mainly)
Dragon Age Origins (Zevran and...anyone really)

the rest, which are ones i do but are really..not craving too much are :
**Books :
House of night series
Kingdom Hearts
Final fantasy (any of them)
Sonic the hedgehog
the tales series
Legend of Zelda series

**i do comic book characters and fandoms too..
Now, that's pretty much it, though i have more fandoms i'd like to do, i just cant think of them at the moment.

i really want to make friends doing rp's, and i do smut, i really like smut, But i ask that there be no foot fetishes, scat, watersports or heavy bondage..anything else is debatable, except those..

** AGAIN, Yaoi only please? :)

thank you and i hope to get to meet some more people, i promise i'm not as picky as i sound here, there are just some things that bug me :)

contact me on messenger at aaplin93@live.com for msn, or aaplin93@yahoo.com for yahoo.

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also, i would prefer my RP have a plot to it somewhere, though i would rather revolve the plot around the romance.