The Goddess Martel : Beginning

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There was a town far to the east, that was ravaged by plague after years of hedonistic debauchery; out of this city came a plague upon men and women alike. As the people rioted in the streets, drinking and doing many illicit activities a young woman appeared. She stood amongst the people, some dead, some dying, looked at them all and spoke truly.

"People of Illuria! your ways have brought this upon you! But i can be your savior if you will just show your desire to live, the Goddess Martel rewards those who see the error of their ways" she said to them

"Please! save us! we will stop our ways at once!" The villagers cried, falling to their knees in front of her begging, more and more dying by the second.

The young girl smiled a radiant smile full of hope, looking skyward and shutting her eyes, an aura of benevolence surrounding her.

"Goddess Martel! absolve us of our sins! your holy light bathes us and cleanses us of all evil!" she threw her hands to the air and like a goddess created light from the sky, healing and reviving the dead, loved ones reunited as they returned to life...

The girl was branded a witch, she was tied to a stake by forces from another country told she was to be burned. At the final moments before the pyre lit, the girl's eyes turned skyward she cried out in a prayer to Martel, beseeching the goddess to save her.

"Goddess Martel! May the unbelievers be enlightened of the true ways! may your light shine upon them and stop their wickedness!" she tilted her head skyward, and as wings sprouted from her back the soldiers were bathed in light..when the light disappated they quickly freed her

"My Lady..we apologize.." they said to her, of which she smiled "Had you continued Martel would have rained golden fury upon you...but for seeing the error of your ways you will be rewarded"
This is the beginning of a story i had an idea for, please tell me what you think. :)

Preview picture found on Photobucket, Any names or resemblances belong to their respective owners, in no way do i own anything except for the story itself and its characters.

This is in NO way finished, i just wanted to see what people thought of it.
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